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If you’re looking to beat your recent DUI charge you’ll need to hire the absolute best DUI Attorney possible to investigate the circumstances surrounding your recent DUI arrest, collect all items of evidence, prepare your DUI case for trial, and ultimately beat your DUI.

Latest Multiple DUI Case Results:

01/24/19 – People vs. Briana E., Harbor Justice Center, Orange County

Case Facts: 1st Offense DUI, .10% BAC.  Client was very concerned about a DUI conviction because it would stop her from getting a professional license after years of schooling.

Case Results: DUI CHARGES DISMISSED.  Case resolved for Reckless Driving with no jail or suspension.  Client was very happy as they can move forward with their professional future!

01/24/19 – People v. Mildred C., Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse, San Bernardino County

Case Facts: 2nd Offense DUI, .20% BAC, while on probation for her prior DUI.  Client had gotten into an accident and was driving a disabled vehicle until being pulled over.  Client was very worried she would serve significant jail time and lose her only job.

Case Results: NO JAIL! Client was able to keep her job and serve her time through house arrest.

01/23/19 – People v. Michael B., West Justice Center, Orange County

Case Facts: 2nd Offense DUI, .15% BAC.  Client had gotten into an accident late at night.  Client was very concerned about serving significant jail time, fines, and owing restitution for the damages involved in the accident.

Case Results: NO JAIL, NO HOUSE ARREST. Client was ecstatic as he was ordered to complete 10 days of community labor in lieu of any jail time.  Fines were reduced and no restitution needed to be paid!!

01/18/19 – People v. Karina B., Bellflower Courthouse, Los Angeles County

Case Facts: 2nd Offense DUI, while on probation for the prior DUI, .10% BAC.  Client was extremely worried about the amount of jail time between her new case and her probation violation.  Client was facing 1.5 years of jail time.

Case Results: NO JAIL! Client was able to do house arrest, pay minimal fines, and no additional terms or conditions.  Client was very happy!!

Possible Consequences to Your DUI Arrest

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your recent DUI arrest, the DUI consequences and/or punishments can vary greatly. This is a trick, this is the absolute truth. To know the exact consequences you face, you will need to speak to a skilled & experienced DUI attorney who will assets the circumstances of your DUI. However, general consequences include:

  • * License Suspension up to 10 years
  • * Jail or Prison
  • * Fines of $2,500 +
  • * Alcohol Program
  • * Community Service
  • * In Patient or out Patient Rehab
  • * Higher Insurance Premiums
  • * MADD Victim Impact Panel
  • * Probation, Formal or Informal
  • * Morgue Program
  • * Victim’s Restitution
  • * Self-Help Meetings
  • * Electronic Monitoring/ SCRAM
  • * DUI Court
  • * Criminal Conviction

With this much at stake, how does it make sense not to hire an experienced DUI attorney ready and able to fight your DUI and protect your rights?

Were You Mistreated by the Police During Your Recent DUI Arrest?

You are not alone. Southern California police departments are notorious for violating individuals right when it comes to all arrests, including arrests for DUIs. The only way to put the police agencies in check is to fight against your DUI charge, collect all the evidence, and double check the police agencies work, and take advantage of their mistakes to ensure all future arrests are done properly and constitutionally.

I Passed All My Field Sobriety Tests!

If you were recently arrested for a DUI, the arresting officer likely asked you to perform a series of field sobriety tests. These tests are very tricky, and if they are not conducted properly the result of the tests are questionable at best. But it can be a he said she said ordeal, absent the proper DUI evidence

Such DUI evidence includes Patrol Videos which are a vital piece of evidence for a DUI defense because they often demonstrate your passing performance on the FSTs, the arresting officer’s failure to follow protocol as trained, as well as contradict the arrest officer’s contentions that you were visibly drunk and a hazard to California’s roads.

Your DUI Attorney should know exactly how to obtain such evidence and use it for your defense at both DMV and court. Call 877-717-2889 to speak to a DUI attorney and learn more about which items of evidence are key to your DUI defense

Our Mission as a DUI Attorney is to Provide You with Superior Representation

We understand that it is common that individuals have negative experiences with previous attorneys when it comes to broken promises, un-returned phone calls and emails, and over-all failure of the attorney to do their job as paid for.

Our mission is to provide YOU with professional, attentive, and aggressive DUI representation by promptly returning phone calls, making time to meet with each and every client, being available after hours, and setting aside time to assure that every possible avenue of defense for your DUI is explored.

Call 877-717-2889 now and speak the experienced DUI attorney (not a secretary or phone operator) who will actually represent you in your DUI case.

We Focus on Multiple Offense DUI Cases, Such As 2nd DUIs,  3rd DUI and 4th DUI Cases.

If this is your second DUI arrest within the last 10 years, you’ve got twice as much as stake. Not only are you looking at a possible 1 year loss of your drivers license, you are looking at possible jail time.

If you are still on probation while you obtained an additional DUI, you are in violation of the terms of your probation, and could seek additional jail time for the probation violation, which means your not only looking at the possible jail time as a result of your new DUI arrest, you’ll have to face the judge on your prior DUI for the probation violation as well.

Unlike some first DUI offenses, for a second DUI and third DUI case, the difference between having a DUI attorney represent you in court will make a drastic difference in the consequences of your DUI case.

If you have had 2 prior DUI convictions within the past 10 years and this is your 3rd DUI arrest, the statutory minimum jail time is 120 days. In additional to the jail time, you court could deem you a habitual DUI offender and subsequently suspend your drivers license to up to 10 years.

Thereby the consequences of a third DUI offense are SEVERE, but you must KNOW THIS, 120 days spent in actual jail and the 10 years suspension of your drivers license, can be avoided with an experienced DUI attorney who is dedicated to keep you out of jail and behind the wheel.

WARNING You have a 10 Day DMV Deadline

You have exactly 10 days from the day you were cited for DUI to have your DUI Attorney to contact DMV and request a DMV hearing. If your DUI Attorney fails to contact DMV within 10 days of the arrest, you will give up your right to fight the DUI suspension against your driver’s license.

However, the DMV you are required to contact isn’t the same DMV where you apply for your drivers license. Instead, its a small driver safety office, not open to the general public but dedicated to DMV hearings such as the DMV hearing associated with a DUI arrest.

For more information about the 10 day DMV deadline, contact a DUI attorney at 877-717-2889.

The DMV Hearing is the Most Important Part of Your DUI Case!

At the DMV hearing, your DUI Attorney can subpoena the officer and question him under penalty of perjury for the record. This is important in formulating a defense for court because information not in the police report may be flush out at the DMV hearing, which makes the DMV hearing the most important tool to your DUI defense.

Have You Had a Prior DUI Conviction?

If you have had a prior DUI conviction within the past 10 years, you are facing jail time and at least 1 year hard suspension of your drivers license with no eligibility for a restricted license unless your DUI Attorney can arrange an agreement with the court that will allow you to obtain a drivers license.

No matter if this is your Second DUI, Third DUI, or a Fourth or Felony DUI arrest, an experienced DUI attorney will know must be done to keep you out of jail and behind the wheel.

Call 877-717-2889 to speak with an experienced DUI attorney about the possible consequences of your multiple DUI arrest.

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