Have You Been Charged with Domestic Battery Under 243 E 1 PC?

Have You Been Charged with Domestic Battery Under 243 E 1 PC?

Assault and battery as codified in 243 E 1 PC is a serious criminal offense that can result in serious fines and jail time. 243 E 1 PC says that domestic battery is the willful and unlawful touching of a former or current spouse, fiancé, dating partner, or co-parent. This is a misdemeanor offense that can get you up to one year in jail. You also must pay up to $2,000 in fines. You can be served with a formal restraining order and also be ordered to attend lengthy batterer’s treatment classes at your own expense. Plus, you have a permanent criminal record, and this may prevent you from owning or possessing firearms.

You do not want a 243 E 1 PC conviction on your record because it can have dire consequences on your ability to earn a living, among other things. If you have been accused of assault and battery under this law in California, it is important to contact domestic battery attorney Jonathan Reza at 877-717-2889.

Overview of Domestic Battery in California

Assault and battery charges are serious offenses. But the good news is an effective domestic battery attorney may be able to get you out of these serious charges.

In California, there are several types of assault and battery to know

  • Simple battery
  • Aggravated battery
  • Simple assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon

If you are hit with a domestic battery charge, the precise charge you will face varies based on if there was a weapon and the type. Also vital to the charge are if there were injuries, and how serious those injuries are. If the alleged victim was a law enforcement officer or the member of another category protected under state law, you could face more severe charges.

If you are charged with domestic battery, be sure you call the best domestic battery attorney – Jonathan Reza – because the prosecutor will work hard to put you in jail.

Legal Defenses Your Domestic Battery Attorney May Use

A domestic battery offense is ‘only’ a misdemeanor. But having a misdemeanor on your record means you will fail background checks for employment. This can seriously hamper your career. You also may have trouble renting an apartment or getting a college loan. If you are an immigrant, a conviction could result in deportation. Your domestic battery attorney may try some of these defenses to get the charges thrown out:

  • You were acting in self-defense.
  • You and your partner were mutually aggressive to each other
  • You did not willfully inflict violence or force
  • You were falsely accused, which is very common in domestic battery cases

If You Have Been Charged With Domestic Battery, Call Jonathan Reza Today!

If you have been charged with domestic battery, a conviction can mean up to a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. You also may not be able to find decent work again, and that misdemeanor will be on your record for life. You don’t want this to happen!

If you are charged under 243 E 1 PC, please call attorney Jonathan Reza today at 877-717-2889.


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