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All second DUIs in California are a serious offense. Not only are you looking at mandatory jail time, you’re looking at up to a 2 year suspension of your drivers license. Hiring an attorney who ONLY works with multiple DUI cases can reduce if not eliminate the jail time for a multiple offense in California, but you must act quickly because you only have 10 calender days to have your attorney process the DMV paperwork to secure your license.

Why Hire the Law Offices of Jonathan Reza for your DUI Second Offense in California?

The highly skilled, extremely experienced DUI second offense lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan Reza have decided to focus their entire law practice on serious DUIs such as multiple offense DUIs and Felony DUIs. No other law firm in California is solely dedicated to keeping California Defendant’s out of jail on 2nd offense DUIs like the Law Offices of Jonathan Reza is. You’ll experience the difference immediately when you speak to us over the phone or meet with us in our office. We know exactly how to approach the legal issues your facing. We’re prepared for the arguments both the District Attorney’s Office and the court judges have in multiple offense DUI cases. As a result, we come in to court prepared with arguments that work on keeping 2nd DUI defendants out of jail. Our results speak for themselves and are listed by date on the right. Call immediately to speak an highly experienced 2nd DUI attorney.

Consequences to a 2nd DUI Offense in California

The consequences for a second DUI in California, misdemeanor, include court fines of approximately $1800 to $2700, 3 to 5 years probation, either formal or informal, 96 hours to 1 year county jail, 90 days to 2 years suspension of your drivers license, community service, 18 month alcohol program, possible MADD Panel, possible HAMM program, possible community service and inpatient or out patient treatment program.

  • Mandatory County Jail
  • Up To 2 Year Drivers License Suspension
  • 18 month Alcohol Program,
  • Court Fines and Fees of Approximately $2,700,
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving Class,
  • 4-5 years Probation, either Formal or Informal,
  • Morgue Education,
  • DNA Sample,
  • Community Service Or Cal-Trans,
  • Possible SCRAM and/or Alcohol Rehabilitation Program.

If you were arrested for a 2nd DUI in California, you are looking up to a 2 year suspension of your drivers license without the eligibility for a restricted license. To avoid the possibility of a two year suspension of your drivers license due to a DUI charge, have an experienced 2nd DUI lawyer contact DMV on your behalf within the first 10 days of the arrest. It is important to have your attorney and not you contact DMV because once the hearing is made, certain items of evidence, aka, discovery, must be immediately subpoenaed. Failure to issue timely subpoenas may just be the reason your license will suspend for 2 solid years.

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How Much Are the Fines for a 2nd DUI?

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Jail Time for a 2nd DUI Offense in California

Again, the jail time you’re facing for a second DUI in California is 96 hours to 1 year county jail. The typical jail sentence for a second offense DUI is 60-90 days, however, in some jurisdictions, such as Orange County, the average is 60-120 days.

Should I hire a 2nd DUI Attorney for my 2nd DUI Case in California?

You need to protect yourself from the DA. Anytime you’re looking at mandatory jail time for any criminal case, you need an experienced California 2nd DUI lawyer to represent you in court. For a second offense DUI, hiring a second DUI lawyer is no different.

First, you must understand that although jail time is mandatory, it doesn’t mean alternatives to jail aren’t available for you. However, the jail alternatives that are available for a 2nd DUI are far different then jail alternatives for other types of crimes. Given that second DUIs are so specific, you’ll need an attorney who specifically focuses on 2nd DUI offenses in California to know what alternatives to jail are available for your 2nd DUI in California.

Please understand, alternatives for jail on a second DUI case aren’t automatic. As a defendant, you don’t get to pick and choose which programs you may or may not want to do. Instead, an experienced second DUI attorney will suggest you prep your cases by doing such peremptory damage control by completing Alcoholic Anonymous meetings prior to court, participating in the SCRAM program, and even enrolling early into your alcohol school. This will show the judge that you’re serious about not re-offending. Call a 2nd DUI lawyer immediately for more information on how to prep your case for a no jail time sentence.

Another benefit of hiring a 2nd DUI attorney is that for most 2nd DUI cases in California, your attorney can appear on your behalf without you ever having to take time off from your work and or your family to attend your court proceeding. Lets face it, court is a slow and stressful process. Let the 2nd DUI attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan Reza attend court in your stead.

Does it Make a Difference I’m Still on Probation for my Prior DUI?

If you picked up a Second DUI or a Third DUI while on probation for your prior DUI, you will not be eligible for a drivers license if you fail to contact DMV within 10 days of your DUI arrest, or lose your DMV hearing, or plead guilty to either a 23152 or 23153 (a) or (b) in court.

Second DUI Consequences While On Probation

This includes no eligibility for a restricted license. Thereby, having your second DUI attorney contact DMV within 10 days of your 2nd DUI arrest and challenging the second DUI in court is key to for you to drive for the next year.

In addition to the harsher drivers license suspension period, the court where you violated your probation could order you to jail for an additional 6 months or more on top of the possible jail time you could receive from the court where your recent DUI arrest occurred.

The bottom line is, yes, being on probation for a prior DUI does change the seriousness and likely outcome of your current DUI case. For more helpful DUI information about what a specific judge might sentence you to for violating your prior DUI probation, call 877-717-2889 to speak to a qualified DUI defense attorney with prior experience of how each court functions. DUI consultations are always free and informative.


Recent 2nd DUI Case Results:

01/24/19 – People v. Mildred C., Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse, San Bernardino County

Case Facts: 2nd Offense DUI, .20% BAC, while on probation for her prior DUI.  Client had gotten into an accident and was driving a disabled vehicle until being pulled over.  Client was very worried she would serve significant jail time and lose her only job.

Case Results: NO JAIL! Client was able to keep her job and serve her time through house arrest.

01/23/19 – People v. Michael B., West Justice Center, Orange County

Case Facts: 2nd Offense DUI, .15% BAC.  Client had gotten into an accident late at night.  Client was very concerned about serving significant jail time, fines, and owing restitution for the damages involved in the accident.

Case Results: NO JAIL, NO HOUSE ARREST. Client was ecstatic as he was ordered to complete 10 days of community labor in lieu of any jail time.  Fines were reduced and no restitution needed to be paid!!

01/18/19 – People v. Karina B., Bellflower Courthouse, Los Angeles County

Case Facts: 2nd Offense DUI, while on probation for the prior DUI, .10% BAC.  Client was extremely worried about the amount of jail time between her new case and her probation violation.  Client was facing 1.5 years of jail time.

Case Results: NO JAIL! Client was able to do house arrest, pay minimal fines, and no additional terms or conditions.  Client was very happy!!


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