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Any Third Offense DUI Needs a Highly Qualified 3rd DUI Lawyer

This is your 3rd DUI in California.  If you go it alone, you’re looking at jail time and a suspended license, there is no doubt about it.  However, an attorney who focuses EXCLUSIVELY on multiple offenses such as yours will better your chances for jail alternatives.  Call 877-717-2889 to speak to a 3rd DUI Lawyer immediately.

Were You Recently Arrested for a 3rd DUI and are Looking for a DUI Lawyer to Keep You Out of Jail?

Are you concerned with the consequences of your recent third DUI arrest?  Are you still on probation or amidst completing the requirements for your 2nd DUI arrest?  Did you hire a DUI attorney for your first DUI who did nothing to help you fight your DUI and are hesitant in hiring an DUI Lawyer for your third DUI?

We understand.  First, it is important to realize a third DUI is nothing like your first or your second DUI offense.  For a 3rd DUI offense, you looking at a substantial amount of jail time with the statutory minimum of 120 days.

Hiring an attorney can minimize the jail consequences as well as convert the jail time to alternative sentence such as SCRAM or Electronic Monitoring while will allow you to work while you serve your jail sentence from the comfort of your home.

Consequences of a Third DUI in the State of California

  • Jail for 3rd DUI: 120 to 365 Days
  • Fines $2,500 +
  • License Suspension: 3 to 10 years
  • Ignition Interlock Required
  • 18 Month Alcohol Program
  • 3-5 Years Probation
  • MADD Panel
  • DUI Court
  • Morgue Program
  • Community Service


What Type of Alternatives to Jail are Available for my 3rd DUI Offense.

In theory, there are many different alternatives to jail for a third offense DUI. However, in reality, many different jurisdictions do not accept some forms of alternatives to jail.

For example, one court room or a specific judge may readily grant house arrest while other judges in the same court house refuse to give house arrest on a third offense DUI charge. In order to qualify for house arrest, not only with your third DUI lawyer will have to know the judges, your 3rd DUI defense lawyer must know how to move your case to another court room if needed. Thus, only a highly skilled third DUI lawyer is qualified to represent you on a third DUI case.

To learn more of what types of alternatives to jail are available in your jurisdiction, call 877-717-2889 to speak to a 3rd DUI lawyer who focuses on multiple offense and 3rd DUIs.

Consequences of a 3rd DUI for your Driver’s License

Under current California DMV law, a third DUI conviction within 10 years carries with it a 2 year hard suspension of your drivers license with no eligibility to drive. However, new legislation gives the Judge in your third DUI  the authority to suspend your license to up to 10 years with no eligibility to drive.

As of July 1, 2010, there are certain circumstances that permit anyone convicted for a third offense DUI to obtain a restricted license with the help of a skilled and qualified 3rd offense DUI attorney.

Beware! Don’t let just any DUI attorney handle your Third DUI offense. New DMV policies have gone in to effect. DMV Driver Safety Offices now flag 3rd Offense DUI files for another DMV action: Physical and Mental DMV hearings, where the Department of Motor Vehicles attempts to suspend your drivers license for life by finding you physically unfit to drive due to alcoholism. If you have any questions regarding Physical and Mental DMV hearings when it comes to DUI, call 877-717-2889 to speak to Attorney Jonathan Reza regarding your 3rd Offense DUI and the DMV.

An experienced DUI lawyer familiar with DMV requirements as they related to third time DUI offenders can significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of drivers license suspension you are facing due to your recent 3rd DUI arrest. For more information, speak to an experienced DUI attorney immediately or call 877-717-2889 for a free consultation with a DUI attorney who focuses on defending individuals accused of multiple DUIs.

Recent Case Results for 3rd DUI Charges

02/16/17 – People vs. A.R.

Case Facts:  3rd DUI while on probation.  Client’s blood alcohol level was really high at a .37% BAC.  Client faced a minimum of 120 jails plus an additional 45 days for the probation violation

Case results:  No Jail

02/02/17 – People vs. A.L.

Case Facts: 3rd DUI in 5 years while on probation.

Case Results:  Book in release with a 30 month alcohol program.

01/10/17 – People vs. Steven P.

Case Facts: Third Offense DUI while on probation.  Client faced a minimum of 120 days county jail and a 3 year suspension of his license with no eligibility of a restricted license.

Case Results:  Both priors stricken, DUI charges dismissed, case reduced to a wet reckless with no jail and no suspenion.  Client was very happy with outcome.

01/09/17 – People vs. Mandeep S.

Case Facts:  Very serious 3rd offense DUI case with Hit and Run and battery against a police officer and a .17% BAC and a refusal.  Client faced a 3 year hard suspension of his license and a minimum of 180 days jail.

Case Results:  Prior stricken, battery charges dismissed.  No Suspension and client did 45 days of community service.

12/20/16 – People vs. Chris M.

Case Facts:  3rd DUI with very high BAC.

Case Results:  Case resolved with ZERO jail.

10/12/16 – People vs. Jeff G.


Case Facts:  3rd Offense DUI. Client faced 180 days county jail and a 3 year loss of drivers license.

Case Results:  Case resolved for Zero Jail and a minimal license suspension.

11/10/16 – People vs. Steven V.

Case Facts: 3rd DUI with above a .20% BAC.  Client faced a three year suspension and a minimum of 120 days jail

Case Results:  Both priors stricken, case resolved for a first offense DUI without any jail. Client extremely happy with outcome of case.

10/11/16 -People vs. Robert R.

Case Facts:  Client got 3 DUIs within 4 months out of Ventura court which is a very very strict jurisdiction.  Client faced years of jail and 3 years suspended license. BAC .17%

Case Results:  Case resolved for 11 days community service total.

09/09/16 – People vs. Mark D.

Case Facts: Third DUI while on Probation for prior DUI, .10% BAC. Client faced a 3 year hard suspension of his license and 180 days county jail.

Case Results:  DUI charges dismissed. Case resolved for reckless driving.  No Jail, Reduced Fines, no 3 year suspension.

06/13/16 – People vs. Edwin L.

Case Facts:  Client arrested for a 3rd offense DUI while on probation and with a suspended license.  Hired another attorney and had a bad offer with jail on the case which the other attorney told the client to take.  In the middle of everything, the client picked up another DUI and was charged with a 4th offense Felony dui while driving on a suspended license and violations  of probation.  Client came to us for help.

Case Results:  Both cases settled for less punishment and ZERO jail than the offer with the previous attorney on the 3rd offense DUI.  Client was extremely happy with outcome.  Just goes to show that with the right attorney, you can stay out of jail.

05/10/16 – People vs. Matthew P.

Case Facts: Third DUI within a 6 month period, all cases out of the same court house, with 5 probation violations and a suspended license with a .31% BAC.  This case was an absolute mess and the client cumulative time was in excess of years.

Case Results:  Zero jail on 3rd DUI with .31% and 5 probation violations.

03.25.16 – People vs. J. Boyd

Case Facts:  Third DUI filed as a felony with refusal and .17% bac. Client injured two victims and faced 4 years state prison and client’s offer was 2 years prison.

Case Results:  Zero Jail on 3rd offense Felony DUI with injury.

02/05/16 – People vs. Martin O.

Case Facts:  3rd DUI while on probation with an accident and a .17 BAC.  DA wanted 180 days county jail for the DUI with an additional 60 days for the probation violation for a total of 9 months jail!!!

Case Results: Case settled for a book and release with no additional jail for the probation violation because the client followed our “Multiple Offender Strategy”

11/15/15 – People vs. A. L.

Case Facts:  3rd DUI in Orange County.  DA wanted 1 year county jail on client. Client’s BAC above a .20%

Case Results:  Case resolved for zero jail time.

10/26/15 – People vs. Mesi L.

Case Facts:  3rd DUI with .17% BAC while on Probation for Prior.

Case Results:  Case Resolved for Zero Jail

12/09/15 – People vs. Alba Q.

Case Facts: 3rd DUI with .19 BAC while on probation and with a suspended license.  District Attorney wanted 180 days county jail.

Case Results: Zero Jail Time on 3rd Offense DUI while on probation.

10/26/15 – People vs. Mesi L.

Case Facts:  3rd DUI while on probation for prior DUI.  .17% BAC.  DA wanted 180 county jail.

Case Results: Case resolved for zero jail time.

05/06/15 – People vs. Morganne C:

Case Facts: 3rd offense DUI with Hit and Run while on probation for first and second offense DUI. .31% BAC. One judge wouldn’t even take the plea. CASE RESOLVED FOR ZERO JAIL.


05/05/15 – People vs. Lena M:

Case Facts: 3rd DUI. Client hired another attorney with over 30 years experience but wasn’t a specialist in DUI much less, multiple offense DUI. Attorney made some errors and client ended up being illegally incarcerated. Family hired us and ultimately, a motion was written and granted. Client was immediately let out of jail.


05/01/15 – People vs. Aaron H



05/01/15 – People vs. Daniel Y

Case Facts: 3rd DUI with high blood alcohol level, while on Probation out of San Jose. Client contacted me via Q & A section of Avvo, asking if there’s any chance to stay out of jail for San Jose Court. Other avvo attorneys said no, but ultimately he hired me and case resolved for ABSOLUTELY ZERO JAIL TIME.


04/29/15 – People vs. Michael L

Case Facts: 3rd DUI with accident while on probation and suspended for first and second DUI, .28% BAC – Faced up to a year jail, case resolved for no jail

Outcome: NO Jail on 3rd DUI while on Probation with Accident, Suspended License, and .28%.

04/22/15 – People vs. Joel A

04/22/15 – People vs. Joel A

Case Facts: 3rd DUI while on probation for 1st and 2nd DUI, .17% Blood Alcohol with / Child Endangerment Charges. Client faced years in jail time.

Outcome: Child Endangerment Dismissed No Jail on 3rd Offense or Probation Violations

12/18/14 – Book & Release on .20% 3rd DUI w/ Probation Violation

Case Facts: 3rd Offense DUI in Los Angeles with a .20% and Speed Contest and Probation Violation. Client faced 240 days county jail and a 3 year suspension of his license.

Case Results: Case resolved for a book and release with no Habitual Traffic Offender Suspension

09/18/14 – 3rd DUI with Refusal – Zero Jail

Case Facts: Third offense DUI in California.  Client refused to speak to the cop or complete a chemical test.  He faced 270 days county jail and was afraid he’d lose his job.  With our help, the case resolved for NO Jail, no house arrest, no rehab, no community service.  Client extremely happy.

Case Results: Zero jail, Zero House Arrest, Zero Rehab, Zero Community Service:

09/18/14 – 3rd DUI with .19 BAC – Zero Jail

Case Facts:  Defendant was arrested for a third offense DUI with a blood alcohol level well over two times the legal limit.  He was pulled over for going 90 miles per hour in a 65 and he faced 160 days in the county jail

Case results:  Zero Jail Time on a third offense DUI.  Client was extremely

06/19/2014 – 3rd DUI with Corporal Injury to a Child and 2 additional drunk in public

Case Facts:  Client was arrested for her third DUI offense in less than 6 months, however, there was an extra charge of being their daughter when the daughter attempted to stop the client from driving drunk.  Blood alcohol level was nearly 4x the legal limit.

Case Results:  Although the client was looking at nearly a year in jail, case resolved for a book and release, all drunk in public were dismissed.

06/09/2014 – 3rd DUI with Refusal while on probation for 2nd DUI.

Case Facts:  Client arrested for a third offense DUI with a refusal.  DA wanted client remanded into custody at arraignment.  DA wanted 180 days county jail. Client feared jail.

Case Results:  Case resolved with 100% Zero Jail for his third offense DUI.  Client was so happy he cried in court.

04/17/2014 – 3rd DUI with .21% BAC while on probation for his 1st DUI and had a open case for his 2nd DUI out of the same Court.

Case Facts - Client was arrested for a third DUI while on probation and while his 2nd DUI case was still pending.  His blood alcohol level was extremely high.  The DA wanted one year custody time and no jail alternatives were available for him because he had a violent crime in his past.

Case Results - Despite the high blood alcohol level and lack of alternative sentence, case resolved for ABSOLUTELY NO JAIL TIME.  Client was able to keep his job and support his children.

04/10/2014 – 3rd DUI with High blood alcohol level while on probation for his 1st DUI and his 2nd DUI

Case Facts - Defendant was arrested for a third DUI charge.  Being the farther of a young child and sole provider of his support, he could not afford to go to jail.  Subsequently, he took our attorney’s advice and enrolled in SCRAM and went into residential treatment before arraignment.

Case Results - Both the judge and the DA in this defendant’s case were extremely surprised by all the effort the defendant was making in his case and despite the DA wanting 280 days in county jail, the DA ultimately gave him credit for the time he spent in residential treatment and the defendant didn’t end up serving any jail time.  This deal allowed the defendant to keep his employment.

03/26/2014 – Book Release on 3rd DUI Offense

Case Facts: Defendant arrested for a 3rd DUI while on probation.  Defendant refused the breath test and was driving on a suspended license.  The District Attorney assigned to the case wanted 260 days county jail for the third DUI with suspended license while on probation.

Case Results:  Instead of spending 260 days in county jail for his third DUI arrest, he was sentenced to a book and release, with fines and alcohol program.

11/01/2013 – .07% DUI with Drugs, on Probation, with Accident

Case Facts:  Client was arrested for a DUI for Alcohol & Drugs, third offense DUI and had an accident while on probation for his 2nd DUI.  At Arraignment, the City Attorney wanted 180 days county jail.

Case Results: DMV Won due to low blood alcohol level and case resolved for an alcohol related reckless driving with zero jail.  Client couldn’t believe the result and was extremely happy with his third DUI case result as he hired other attorneys for his two previous DUIs and he said they did nothing for his case.

12/10/2013 – 3rd DUI with .10%

Case Facts:  Client arrested for a third DUI offense and sought a skilled 3rd DUI lawyer to represent him at both count and DMV.  Initially, the District Attorney sought 180 days jail.

Case Results: Ultimately, Attorney got of the prior DUIs struck.  Client plead to a first offense DUI.

10/05/2013 – .19% 3rd DUI while on Probation.

Case Facts:  Client had a 3rd DUI while on probation with a BAC of .19 when he shouldn’t have .01% while driving.  Client faced a 10 year loss of his drivers license.  District Attorney’s Office wanted 210 days count jail with no alternative sentencing.

Case Result:  Because client followed attorney our very specific advice, the judge sentenced client to less than 7 days house arrest with alcohol monitoring.  The judge did not suspend client’s license and ultimately only had to spend 6 months with a suspended license.  Client was thrilled with result.