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100% No Jail Offer Success Rate for 4th DUIs in California who followed our program prior to arraignment. Did you know that if this DUI is your 4th offense in ten years, you’re facing a felony DUI?

Did you know you’re facing up to 3 years state prison. However, not all hope is lost. We have a 100% success rate in obtaining no jail time offers for 4th offense felony DUIs in California for those clients who followed our program. Hire California’s most successful 4th Offense DUI Law Firm to represent you in your 4th offense Felony DUI.

Is This Really Considered My 4th Offense in California? – 7 Year vs. 10 Year Rule for Priorability

If you have had 4 DUI arrests in the past ten years, this will be considered your 4th offense and you will be charged with a felony. It doesn’t matter that when you were arrested for your first offense, the rule of priorability was merely 7 years because the courts have determined that the 10 year rule for priorability is retroactive and applies to cases such as yours.

Consequences of a 4th Offense DUI in California

If probation is granted, you’re facing 180 to 365 days county jail, 5 years formal probation, mandatory alcohol program, fines in the range of $2,500 and up to a 10 year loss of license. If probation is denied, you’re facing 16 months to 3 years state prison for your fourth DUI in California. However, alternatives to jail are available for defendants of 4th offense DUIs who prove to the court that they intend to remain sober and not re-offend.

  • 180 Days to 3 Years State Prison
  • 18 month class on Alcohol
  • In Patient/Out-Patient Rehabilitation
  • Up To A 10 Year Driver License Suspension
  • Fines In Excess of $5,000 Dollars
  • Alcohol Treatment
  • Possible Bail up to 150k
  • Possible SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring
  • * MADD Victim Impact Panel
  • * Morgue Program
  • * 3-5 years Probation, Formal or Informal

We have a 100% Success rate for alternatives to jail on all 4th offense DUIs.

Obtaining an alternative to jail on a 4th offense DUI is no easy feat. Preparation must be done to put your case in the best possible position for alternatives to jail. You must know, alternatives to jail are not guaranteed for your 4th offense DUI.

Bail on a 4th Offense DUI

Generally speaking, the average bail on a fourth offense DUI is $100,000. With an experienced 4th DUI lawyer representing you, bail can be reduced. At minimum, an attorney can get you a decrease in bail rate. Call us for more information on bail for a felony DUI charge.

Driver’s License Consequences for a 4th Offense DUI in California

In California, if you plead to any felony DUI offense, including a 4th offense DUI, your license will be suspended for one year from the date of conviction. This suspension is mandatory, however, the court could suspend your license up to ten years as a result of your plea negotiations. Hire a 4th offense DUI lawyer to prevent the 10 year suspension of your driver’s license.

Why Should I hire a 4th Offense DUI Attorney?

You’re facing 3 years state prison and don’t kid yourself, in certain jurisdictions, it’s the District Attorney’s policy to ask for the full three years. In order to avoid three years state prison for your fourth DUI offense, we need to instruct you on what needs to be done to avoid that three year sentence. Without such advice, you will hurt your case. The more you delay, you’ll hurt your case. Do not delay, protect yourself immediately by hiring a qualified 4th offense DUI lawyer.

How Do You Avoid Jail Time on a Fourth Offense DUI Charge?

I don’t mean to frighten people, but my most common opening offer on a Felony 4th offense DUI is 2 years jail, so I can only assume that if you go to court without an attorney to fight for your, your offer will be between 1 and 2 years jail. (Closer to 2 more than 1).

How do you get out of jail? Hire an experienced DUI lawyer who frequently handles 4th offense DUI cases and be ready to do whatever it takes to prove to the judge that you no longer have a problem with alcohol.

The problem is, most DUI attorneys rarely handle a fourth DUI offense. This is why we were formed. We routinely deal with fourth offense DUIs, with extremely high blood alcohol levels, sometimes levels over a .62% BAC.

Most DUI attorneys may have one or two 4th DUIs in their entire careers, but our Multiple Offense Lawyers deal with the special consequences of 4th DUIs on a daily basis. Immediately you’ll be able to tell the difference between someone who focuses on multiple offenses and other DUI attorneys who rarely handle such cases.

Recent 4th DUI Case Results:

06/29/17 – People vs. Steven V.

Case Facts: 4th Offense Felony DUI. Client’s blood alcohol level was a .17%.  DA wanted 2 years State prison.

Case Results:  No Jail at all.

04/20/17 – People vs. Omar B.

Case Facts:  4th Offense Felony DUI while on Probation for 3 Prior DUIs. Client got 4 DUIs in Three Years and was facing over 6 years exposure and 2 years state prison on the new case.

Case Results:  No Jail. Case resolved for community service for a 4th offense DUI while on Probation for 3 prior DUIs.

04/19/17 – People vs. Daniel V.

Case Facts:  4th Offense DUI while on probation. Client faced 3 years state prison.

Case Results:  No Jail at all!

10/13/16 – People vs. Mariah S.

Case Facts:  One of my most serious 4th offense DUI cases to date.  Client was 22 years old, on felony probation when she received her 4th offense DUI.  She was driving 115 MPH, while on a suspended license, with a .14% BAC while on probation for two prior DUIs.  Judges in both the DUI court and probation court were irate and wanted to imprison my client.  Probation officer wanted 2 years state prison for the probation violation and she faced an additional 3 years for the 4th offense. Ultimately, I got a prior stricken, the felony reduced to a misdemeanor and the probation court and alternative sentencing.

Case Results: Case reduced to a misdemeanor, zero jail for both the felony probation violation and the new DUI charge. Saved client from 5 years state prison.

06/14/16 – People vs. Edwin L.

Case Facts:  While on bail for his 3rd DUI,  probation violations, suspended license, defendant received a 4th offense DUI filed as a felony.  He had a previous attorney who got him a stiff offer on the 3rd DUI and faced 3 years state prison.  However, we substituted into the case and was able to resolve both cases for ZERO JAIL.  In addition, the DA attempted to confiscate his vehicle and we were able to save his vehicle via motion.

Results:  Zero Jail on 3 & 4th  Huge Win – Client extremely happy with results.

05/18/16 – People vs. Roger O.

Case Facts:  5th Offense Felony DUI while on probation for two prior offenses where he was ordered not to drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in his system.  HIs license was suspended and he had a .17% BAC.  The DA wanted a 2 year state prison term.  Over the DA’s objections, I was able to resolve this case for NO arrest which allowed him to work.

Case Results:  No JAIL ON 5TH OFFENSE DUI. Client’s wife cried in court at the outcome.

05/24/16 – People vs. Brian M.

Case Facts:  4th Offense Felony DUI with 5 probation violations, suspended licenses.  This was one of my most difficult cases to date.  i entered into this case when the case was 80% completed.   The judge was furious with my client, and the day I came on to the case, was the day my client was to be remanded into jail for 3 years due to the multiple probation violations.  I filed a motion, got a new judge and was able to avoid 3 years.  However, the prior attorney hastily had already got prison terms offers from everyone in the court.  Subsequently, the new judge could not undercut the old judge.  Had my client hired me from day one, I believe I could have avoided any jail on this case… but given the late stage of the matter, T\the best I could do was get credit for time served in residential rehab.  Subsequently my client avoided nearly all jail time.

05/10/16 – People vs. Neil K.

4th Offense Felony DUI with probation violations and a blood alcohol that exceeded a .31% Client faced 3 years state prison.

Case Results:  No Jail on 4th Offense Felony DUI with Probation Violation and a .31% BAC

03/24/15 – People vs. Gerardo C.

Case Facts:  4th Offense Felony DUI out of Riverside Court with accident while on probation.  This was a drug DUI case with a prior less than a year old. Client faced 3 years state prison plus additional jail for the probation violation.

Case Results:  Absolutely Zero Jail on 4th Offense Felony DUI while on Probation with collision.

03/18/16 – People vs. Richard F.

Case Facts:  4th Offense Felony DUI in Sacramento Court while on probation with .17% BAC.  Client faced 3 years state prison.

Case Results:  Case resolved for absolutely zero jail time.

01/15/16 – People vs. Peter R.

Case Facts: 4th DUI with .10% BAC while on probation and with a suspended license.

Case Result: Case resolved for a reckless driving and no jail time.

01/13/16 – People vs. Steven C.

Case Facts: 4th Offense DUI. Opening offer was 2 years state prison.  

Case Results: Case went only for nearly a year but resulted in Zero Jail.

12/11/2015 – People vs. Perry T.

Case Facts:  4th Offense DUI while on probation for 2 prior DUIs, with a suspended license on probation for 5 prior suspended license charges.  BAC was a .19%.  District Attorney wanted 2 years state prison.

Case Results:  Absolutely Zero Jail on 4th DUI with Multiple Probation Violations.  Client Was Extremely Happy with Results.

12/11/2015 – People vs. Julian V.

Case Facts: 4th Offense Felony DUI with a high blood alcohol level. Client faced 3 years state prison.

Case Results:  Case Resolved for zero jail.

04/29/2015 – People vs. Michael L.

Case Facts:  4th Offense Felony DUI with Suspended license and accident while on probation for 3 prior DUIs in less than 24 Months – DA wanted 16 months, case resolved for ZERO JAIL.

Case Results:  Zero Jail on 4th DUI FELONY While On Probation, Accident, Suspended License

02/26/2015 – People vs. Lora V.

Case Facts:  4th offense Felony DUI in Orange County while on Probation.  .22% BAC.  DA wanted 3 years state prison.

Case Results:  Zero Jail  – Court Granted Alternative Sentencing on this extremely difficult DUI in a very very difficult jurisdiction.

06/20/2014 – No Jail for Fourth Offense Felony DUI with a blood alcohol level over a .31%

Case Facts:  Defendant was arrested for a 4th offense DUI with a blood alcohol level that was nearly 4 times the legal limit.  He hire another lawyer, but the offer on the case was 3 years state prison.  Then he hired us to fight for his freedom.

Case Results:  Despite the fact the DA fought for over a year to put this client in prison for 3 years, our attorney was able to broker a deal with the judge for absolute no jail.

05/20/2014 – No Jail for 4th DUI while on probation and a .29% Blood Alcohol Level

Case Facts:  Client was arrested for a 4th DUI while still on probation for his 3rd DUI.  Client was stopped in a checkpoint and his blood alcohol level was a .29% while on probation!!!

Case Results:  Worked out a deal directly with the judge that had absolutely no jail time.

03/11/2014 – Client Avoided Jail Time on 5th Offense Felony DUI with .14% BAC while on probation and with a suspended license.

Case Facts:  25 year old with a 5th offense felony DUI charge while on probation, and with a suspended license. Client had a blood alcohol level of .14%.  The District Attorney’s office wanted a term of 16 months prison for this 5th offense felony DUI charge.

Case Results:  No Jail Time on 5th Offense Felony DUI Charge.  Instead, client will spend time in a residential treatment program which will allow the client to leave to go to work.


Case Facts:  Defendant was driving with a BAC of nearly a .30%.  This was his 4th DUI arrest, suffering 3 prior DUI convictions within 10 years.  Client also worked for the prison systems and would lose his career if he plead to a felony.

Case Results:  All Felony DUI charges were dismissed on this 4th DUI.  In addition to the criminal charges, we won the client’s .29% DMV hearing, thus, the client had no DUI on his record both for court & DMV.  Client was EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME OF HIS CASE.