4th DUI Defense Lawyer Los Angeles

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4th DUI Defense Lawyer Los Angeles

Fourth offense DUI in Los Angeles is a very serious dui charge.  Not only are you looking at possible consequences including 3 year prison sentence and a felony conviction, you could lose your license up to 10 years.

Why Should I Hire Aspen Law Group for my 4th DUI offense in LA?

Most criminal defense attorneys go their entire careers without ever representing an individual for their 4th DUI. It is common for DUI most DUI attorneys to only have one or two 4th offenses in their entire careers, however, ASPEN LAW GROUP has successfully kept people out of jail for their fourth offense DUIs in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, San Francisco County, Alameda County, Kern County, Ventura County, Fresno County, Tulare County, San Joaquin County, and Sacramento county.

Aspen Law Group is the ONLY DUI law firm dedicated to multiple offense DUIs and we have a strategic plan on how to handle 4th offense cases an a 100% No Jail success rate for individuals who follow that plan.  In other words, we consistently & successfully handle more 4th offense DUIs than any other DUI attorney practicing today.

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Recent 4th DUI Case Results:

02/25/16 – People vs. Gerardo C.

Case Facts:  This was the defendant’s fourth DUI with a BAC level well over two times the legal limit.  He was facing three years state prison.

Case Results:  Zero Jail on 4th DUI.

01/15/16 – People vs. Peter R.

Case Facts:  Defendant was arrested for a 4th DUI while driving on a suspended license. His breath test came back in excess of a .10%.

Case Results: This 4th DUI was ultimately dismissed and reduced to a RECKLESS DRIVING charge. Client was so happy he cried in court.

01/13/16 – People vs. Steven C.

Case Facts:  Steven was arrested for a fourth offense DUI with a BAC level over two times the legal limit and faced three years state prison

Case Results:  Zero Jail was the end result.

As an Aspen Law Group 4th Offense Client, you’ll recieve:

1. Felony Offender Strategy Outline which gives case and court specific instructions on what to do to reduce and/or eliminate the jail time on a 4th offense DUI in Los Angeles.

2. Detailed contact information for alcohol schools, SCRAM providers, and other programs so you’ll know who, what, when, where, and how.

3. Constant interaction with the highly experienced 4th offense DUI lawyer.

3 Myths About a 4th DUI Offense in Los Angeles

“It’s LA County… I’ll get the 10% early release so I don’t have to worry being in jail for years”

– You couldn’t be more wrong.  Although you get “good-time / Work-time credits on a 4th DUI in LA, felony prison sentences are ineligible for early release.  This means that if you get sentenced to the low term of 16 months, than you’ll spend the entire 16 months, minus good time work time credits, behind bars.

“Nothing can be done to avoid the jail on a fourth DUI in Los Angeles”

– Absolutely untrue.  The ASPEN LAW GROUP has had 100% NO Jail success rate for 4th DUIs in Los Angeles so long as the client has followed our advice and our firm has had the case since arraignment.

“Any DUI lawyer is sufficient for my 4th Offense DUI in Los Angeles”

Not True. Most DUI lawyers may see one or two 4th DUIs in their entire careers.  This makes them relatively inexperienced when dealing with the complex issues related to a Los Angeles fourth DUI offense.    Let me tell you a story.  One afternoon in January, Aspen Law Group receives a phone call from a panicked 28 year old.   He had hired a popular DUI lawyer and his arraignment had been set that morning.  The DUI lawyer did realize that 4 DUIs were an automatic felony (rookie mistake) and failed to tell the client they were required to appear at each court date.  The case was set over for the 1:30 pm calendar for the client to appear. However, in the meantime, the DUI defense lawyer realized he was over his head and left the defendant alone, in court, without representation.  Aspen Law Group got the call and dropped everything to help this client.  Offer at arraignment was 2 years for this .25% BAC 4th DUI but ultimately the case resolved for ZERO JAIL TIME.

Consequences to a 4th DUI in Los Angeles

  • 180 Days in county jail to 3 Years State Prison
  • 18 month class on Alcohol
  • In Patient/Out-Patient Rehabilitation
  • Possible 10 year suspension of driver’s license
  • Felony Criminal Record
  • Fines In Excess of $5,000 Dollars
  • Alcohol Treatment
  • Bail in excess of 100k
  • Possible SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring
  • * MADD Victim Impact Panel
  • * Morgue Program
  • * Five Years Formal Probation

Consequences to your 4th DUI in Los Angeles are extremely serious.  This is not a “do it your own” fix it project.  You need a qualified attorney who regularly handles cases like this.  Fighting your 4th offense DUI is reason Aspen Law Group exists.  Call 877-717-2889 for more information.