Info on First DUI Licence Suspension in California, Over 21


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Drivers License Consequences for a First DUI Over the Age of 21 Years Old

If you were arrested for your first DUI and are (1) Over the age of 21, (2) completed a chemical test, you are looking at a possible 6 month license suspension.

After 30 days of serving a “hard suspension” you may be eligible to apply for a California Restricted license that would allow you to drive to and from work, in the scope of work, and to a mandatory DUI alcohol program.

If your DUI conviction occurs in Tulare, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Alameda counties, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed into your vehicle to be eligible for a restricted drivers license.

If you have a commercial drivers license at the time of the DUI, there is a mandatory 1 year disqualification, which suspension your commercial drivers license for 1 year.

TO AVOID THE SUSPENSION your DUI lawyer must contact DMV within 10 days of the DUI arrest, set up an admin per se appointment and win your DMV hearing.

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