Lack Skill Drivers License Suspension Information


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Do You Need a Drivers License Lawyer to Help Represent you in your Up Coming Lack of Skill DMV Hearing?

Attorney Julia Simmons has represented individuals like you in thousands of DMV hearings.  With her personal representation and insider knowledge of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Attorney Simmons will fight on your behalf to obtain your drivers license.

Did You Fail Your Driver Test and Now You Need a DMV Attorney to Help Represent You in Your Hearing?

We can help.  Attorney Julia Simmons is a highly skilled DMV attorney who has represented clients in a variety of Lack of Skill Re-Examination Hearings.  Call 877-717-2889 to speak to Attorney Julia Simmons. 

Do you feel you’ve been wronged by the person who gave you your drive test?  Do you just want your license back?  Call 877-717-2889 to speak directly with attorney Julia Simmons.  All consultations are free and highly informative.

What Is At Issue At This Lack of Skill DMV Hearing?

Lack of Skill DMV hearings is DMV’s way to ensure you are physically, mentally, and skillfully capable of operating a motor vehicle.  If you fail to prove to DMV that you are physically, mentally, and skillfully capable of operating a motor vehicle, YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE WILL BE SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY. 

Will I Still Have to Pass A Drive Test?

Yes, you will still have to pass a drive test to ensure to the department of motor vehicles you are capable of physically, mentally, and skillfully operating a motor vehicle.