Second DUI, Refusing Chemical Test (Blood/Breath Test) License Suspension


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Consequences of failing to complete a chemical test during your recent second DUI arrest?

If you were recently arrested for a second DUI within the past 10 years and you either refused to complete or failed to complete the chemical test as requested by the police officer, you are looking at a 2 year “hard” suspension of your California drivers license with no ability to obtain a restricted license.

DUI cases deemed “chemical test refusals” are ineligible for the ignition interlock device which would otherwise allow an individual to obtain a restricted license for a 2nd DUI offense.

For a commercial drivers license, it is also a life long disqualification of your commercial drivers license.

To avoid the 2 year hard suspension, an experienced DUI attorney must contact DMV within 10 days of your second DUI arrest, set the DMV appointment, and win the refusal DMV hearing.

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