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DMV Medical Re-Examination Process – What is it?

Someone somewhere notified DMV of a driver who is not physically fit to drive.  DMV is required by law to suspend your drivers license pending a medical re-examination.

DMV then requires you to submit a medical drivers evaluation and will then set a hearing in the county where you reside.

It is crucial that you obtain a qualified drivers license lawyer before the hearing is scheduled.  The reason is that once the hearing is made, the hearing is assigned to a hearing officer who will then decide if you are fit to drive.  These hearing officers are not created equal.  Some are reasonable, others must be avoided at all costs.  Call 877-717-2889 for more information.


Hi, my name is Attorney Julia Simmons and I have represented thousands of
drivers at the Department of Motor Vehicles for the past 14 years.  What
I am about to explain is extremely important to understand DMV’s
mandate and why DMV is taking this type of action against you.

Imagine for a second, you have an absolutely perfect driving record.
Then imagine that during your “daily stroll through the park” you are
stuck by a ball and you are rendered blind.  DMV is notified of your
lack of vision and takes a suspension against your drivers license.

How long is this suspension for? Well – you wouldn’t expect DMV to reinstate your license when you couldn’t see, could you?

Do you think your previous 20 years of perfect driving history is
relevant to a driver who is blind and is deemed physical incapable of
operating a motor vehicle?? Absolutely not.

Now, imagine for a moment you are cured by a new medial treatment.
Your eyesight is fully reinstated, but your license is still suspended.
What happens now?  Well, now you got to prove you are physically,
mentally, and skillfully capable of driving your car safely and a DMV
hearing with an attorney is needed to represent you at your hearing.

When can I get my license back?

The DMV suspension period due to medical re-examination is an indefinite suspension.  The suspension for medical reasons is not a punishment.  Rather, it is DMV’s way of protecting society from drivers who are not physically fit to drive.  This suspension will continue until you can prove to one of the DMV hearing officers that you are in fact, physically fit to drive.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for this Process?

Just like other DMV employees, all Hearing Offices are not created equal. Some are reasonable and understand an individual’s need to drive.  Others are apathetic, to put it mildly.

An experienced DMV attorney will also request a hearing under the best circumstances to better your chances to win your right to drive back.  We will also repersent you at your hearing, objecting to any questions the Hearing Officer might ask that may infringing on your rights.

An experienced DMV attorney reviews the re-examination application for potential issues that would cause a Hearing Officer to continue to suspend your license.

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