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Arrested for a Felony DUI in California?

If you were recently arrested in California for your 4th DUI offense, Your DUI will be a felony and we invite you to look up 4th offense DUI information at our 4th DUI page.  However, if you were involved in an accident with injury or had a previous felony DUI charge, your case will be filed as a Felony and you are facing serious time in prison.  However, our skilled DUI attorneys are specially trained how to handle cases like yours.  See the difference for yourself.

Finally a DUI Lawyer Dedicated to Keeping you out of Jail for your recent Felony DUI arrest.

If you were recently arrested for a felony DUI in the State of California, you need a highly qualified serious DUI lawyer dedicated to fighting your felony charges.

Please keep in mind that you have 10 days from the day you were arrested for your Felony DUI Lawyer to contact DMV on your behalf.  Call your experienced Felony DUI Attorney to learn more about how a DMV hearing can help fight against your Felony DUI.

Consequences & Penalties for a Felony DUI

  •  * 3 Or More Years State Prison
  •  * 18 Month Alcohol School
  •  * In Patient/Out-Patient Rehabilitation
  •  * Court Fines in Excess of $2,500.00 +
  •  * 4- 10 Years Driver License Suspension
  •  * MADD Victim Impact Panel
  •  * Morgue Program
  •  * 5 years Probation, Formal or Informal

How Do You Avoid Jail Time on a Fourth Offense DUI Charge?

I don’t mean to frighten people, but my most common opening offer on a Felony 4th offense DUI is 2 years jail, so I can only assume that if you go to court without an attorney to fight for your, your offer will be between 1 and 2 years jail. (Closer to 2 more than 1).

How do you get out of jail? Hire an experienced DUI lawyer who frequently handles 4th offense DUI cases and be ready to do whatever it takes to prove to the judge that you no longer have a problem with alcohol.

The problem is, most DUI attorneys rarely handle a fourth DUI offense. This is why we were formed. We routinely deal with fourth offense DUIs, with extremely high blood alcohol levels, sometimes levels over a .62% BAC.

Most DUI attorneys may have one or two 4th DUIs in their entire careers, but our Multiple Offense Lawyers deal with the special consequences of 4th DUIs a daily basis. Immediately you’ll be able to tell the difference between someone who focuses on multiple offenses and other DUI attorneys who rarely handle such cases.

Recent Felony DUI Case Results:

07/27/18, People v. Luis R., Riverside Hall of Justice, Riverside County

Case Facts: Client was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle, .20% BAC.  Client was underage at the time and had a passenger in his vehicle who was also hurt.  Client was facing up to 4 years state prison.

Case Results: NO PRISON, NO JAIL, NO HOUSE ARREST. Client was ECSTATIC with the results.  We were able to not only get our client help at a rehabilitation center, but we were able to walk him out of the courthouse so he could get back to working and supporting his family!

07/23/18, People v. Greggory S., West Justice Center, Orange County

Case Facts: Client was on his 7th DUI.40% BAC.  Client was facing 3 years state prison.  Client was in desperate need of help, not jail.  Client had just gotten married, and had a wife and mortgage he needed to support.  Client simply could not afford to serve any time in prison or jail.

Case Results: NO PRISON, NO JAIL, NO HOUSE ARREST.  Client was able to do the County Work Program and avoid any custody time.  Client was so relieved that he was able to keep his job and support his wife.  Client also worked with our office to get much needed help, and remains sober!!