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Regardless if this is your 1st DUI, 2nd DUI, 3rd DUI, or 4th DUI citation,I understand your frustrations with the Orange County Superior Court and know just how to keep you out of jail and behind the wheel.

Don’t Want to Go to Court? Hire a Local Costa Mesa DUI Attorney

If you were charged with a Misdemeanor DUI, your Costa Mesa DUI Lawyer can appear in both court and DMV on your behalf without you having to be present. This will save you time, money, and frustration… especially as waiting around in court for hours can be both a stressful and a frustrating experience. Let us take the stress off your shoulders. Hire a Costa Mesa DUI Attorney to appear in the Orange County Superior Court on your behalf.

Were You Caught in a Costa Mesa DUI Checkpoint and you know You Passed Your Field Sobriety Tests?

The Costa Mesa Police Department are out in full force, having routine check points in an attempt to arrest as many Orange County Residents as possible of a DUI. This “Mass DUI Round-Up” results in not as much attention is paid to each individual Costa Mesa DUI arrest while emphasis is on arresting sheer quantities of Orange County residents.

Field Sobriety Tests are a tricky subject for DUI. First, in order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, the tests must be administered properly and in accordance with NITSA. Many times, an officer administering the FSTs during a Costa Mesa DUI arrest will not be familiar or may just be sloppy in administering these tests. Thus, the results of the tests are not reliable and should not be considered in determining whether or not you were OK to drive.

The Costa Mesa Police Department have video cameras in their patrol cars which often record both the officer administering the FSTs as well as your performance. A Skilled Costa Mesa DUI Attorney will know how to subpoena these videos to the DMV hearing for both review and argument.

We are More than just a Top Costa Mesa DUI Attorney

Some lawyers, especially DUI Attorneys, have reputations of being uncaring and lacking incentive after you hire them. However, at the Aspen Law Group, we strive to give each Costa Mesa client the attention and top DUI representation they deserve.

I pride myself on always being there for my clients, giving each client both the energy and counseling they deserve. Call 877-717-2889 to experience the difference for yourself or visit us at our new location located at 18952 MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 470, Irvine, CA 92612.

We Focus on Multiple Offense DUI Cases, Such As 2nd DUIs and 3rd DUI Cases.

If this is your second DUI arrest within the last 10 years, you’ve got twice as much as stake. Not only are you looking at a possible 1 year loss of your drivers license, you are looking at possible jail time.

If you are still on probation while you obtained an additional DUI, you are in violation of the terms of your probation, and could seek additional jail time for the probation violation, which means your not only looking at the possible jail time as a result of your new DUI arrest, you’ll have to face the judge on your prior DUI for the probation violation as well.

Unlike some first DUI offenses, for a second DUI and third DUI case, the difference between having a DUI attorney represent you in court will make a drastic difference in the consequences of your DUI case.

If you have had 2 prior DUI convictions within the past 10 years and this is your 3rd DUI arrest, the statutory minimum jail time is 120 days. In additional to the jail time, you court could deem you a habitual DUI offender and subsequently suspend your drivers license to up to 10 years.

Thereby the consequences of a third DUI offense are SEVERE, but you must KNOW THIS, 120 days spent in actual jail and the 10 years suspension of your drivers license, can be avoided with an experienced DUI attorney who is dedicated to keep you out of jail and behind the wheel.

Consequences of your Costa Mesa DUI arrest

First, you have to realize that the consequences of your Costa Mesa DUI arrest are dependent on the circumstances of your Costa Mesa DUI  thereby DUI consequences and/or punishments can vary greatly.  I understand this is annoying, but it’s the honest fact. If you want to know exactly what you are facing, you going to have to speak to an experienced Costa Mesa DUI attorney familiar with the Harbor Justice Center.  The Following are General Consequences to a Costa Mesa DUI arrest:

  •     * Suspended License of up to 10 years
  •     * Time Spent in Jail
  •     * Court Fines $2,500 +
  •     * Court Ordered Alcohol Program
  •     * Community Service
  •     * Rehabilitation
  •     * Increased Insurance Rates
  •     * DUI Victim Ed Classes
  •     * Court Ordered Probation
  •     * Morgue Ed Classes
  •     * Restitution to Victims of DUI
  •     * Self-Help Meetings
  •     * House Arrest or SCRAM Monitoring
  •     * Misdemeanor or Felony Conviction

Given the nature of punishment you may receive as a result of your Costa Mesa DUI arrest, how can you not hire a Costa Mesa DUI Attorney to help you through the process?

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring a Costa Mesa DUI Attorney?

Hiring the right DUI attorney will save you time, money, frustration, and will likely result in a reduced sentence and/or punishment or even acquittal of the DUI charges.

The DUI court process is confusing, so much so, individuals handling their own case often times wind up in more trouble than merely a DUI due to a misunderstanding of the court’s requirements. 

Hiring a Costa Mesa DUI Attorney Can Help You Keep Driving

Your Costa Mesa DUI Lawyer has 10 days from the day you were arrested to contact DMV to request an Admin Per Se Hearing that will stop the suspension of your drivers license while giving you an opportunity to fight the DMV side your Costa Mesa DUI arrest.

When arrested in Costa Mesa for a DUI, Your case will have 2 separate components”

1. DMV Hearing, provided your Costa Mesa DUI Lawyer contacts DMV within 10 days of your arrest;

2. Criminal Court Proceeding located in the Harbor Justice Center for all Costa Mesa DUI arrests.

But, if you wait past the 10 days, you will likely not be able to fight the DMV portion of your Costa Mesa DUI arrest.

DON’T WAIT UNTIL ITS TOO LATE TO FIGHT, contact an experienced Costa Mesa DUI attorney now at 877-717-2889