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When faced with a multiple DUI arrest, such as a, 2nd DUI, 3rd DUI, or 4th DUI arrest, you need the absolute Best Downey DUI attorney you can afford. However, just because they have a great representation, doesn’t mean the Downey DUI attorney will pay enough attention to your Downey DUI case in order to achieve the absolute best result.

Here at the Aspen Law Group, we only take a select few DUI cases, focusing on serious DUI arrests such as second DUI, third DUI, and Felony DUI convictions. With focus, we’re able to obtain the absolute best results by keeping you out of jail and behind the wheel.

A Downey DUI Attorney Can Appear in Court On Your Behalf.

For the majority of California DUI arrests, your Downey DUI lawyer can appear in court and DMV on your behalf. This will save you valuable time and money.

In California, DUI cases that are filed as a felony, you will have to appear in court. Felony DUIs typically involve serious bodily injury to a victim, child endangerment, or four DUIs within 10 years.

I Know I Passed All My Field Sobriety Tests and I Was Still Arrested for a Downey DUI.

When arrested in Downey for a DUI, the arresting officer is looking for “cues” which show your impairment while doing the field sobriety tests. Your Downey DUI attorney know if your Field Sobriety tests were properly administered during your recent Downey DUI arrest. If the cop failed to give the tests properly, the results of the tests will be highly questionable and thereby inadmissible into evidence.

In addition, many of the cop’s cars are equipped with patrol cameras. The cameras record video and are are essential for your Downey DUI defense. This video will show the cop’s failure to follow protocol per your CA DUI arrest as well as show your passing performance on your sobriety tests.

Our Mission Extends To Beyond Being Just A Great Downey DUI Attorney

We understand most folks negative experiences with previous Downey DUI attorneys when it comes to broken promises, un-returned phone calls and emails, and over-all failure of the retained attorney to do their job.

Our mission is to provide YOU with professional, attentive, and aggressive Downey DUI representation by always calling people back and putting forth an effort to my our clients happy.

Call 877-717-2889 now and speak the experienced Downey DUI attorney (not a secretary or phone operator) who will actually represent you in your CA DUI case.

Possible Consequences to Your Downey DUI Arrest

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your recent Downey DUI arrest, the DUI consequences and/or punishments can vary greatly.  This is a trick, this is the absolute truth.  To know the exact consequences you face, you will need to speak to a skilled & experienced Downey DUI attorney who will assets the circumstances of your Downey DUI.  However, general consequences include:

  •     * Driver License Suspension up to 10 years
  •     * Jail or Prison
  •     * Fines of $2,500 +
  •     * Alcohol Program
  •     * Community Service
  •     * In Patient or out Patient Rehab
  •     * Higher Insurance Premiums
  •     * MADD Victim Impact Panel
  •     * Probation, Formal or Informal
  •     * Morgue Program
  •     * Victim’s Restitution
  •     * Self-Help Meetings
  •     * Electronic Monitoring including SCRAM
  •     * DUI Court
  •     * Misdemeanor or Felony Criminal Conviction

With this much at stake, how does it make sense not to hire an experienced Downey DUI attorney ready and able to fight your Downey DUI and protect your rights?

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring a Downey DUI Lawyer?

Hiring the right Downey DUI attorneys will save you time, money, frustration, and will likely result in a reduced sentence and/or punishment or even acquittal of the Downey DUI charges.

For instance, if you hire Downey  DUI attorneys for a misdemeanor Downey DUI charge, your Downey DUI lawyer can appear in court and fight your Downey DUI charge without you having to appear in court.

In addition, Downey DUI court process is confusing, so much so, individuals handling their own case often times wind up in more trouble than merely a Downey DUI due to a paperwork error.

Hiring a Downey DUI Attorney Can Help You Save Your License!

You must act quickly because you only have 10 Days for your Downey DUI Attorney to contact DMV to fight the License Suspension from your Downey DUI arrest.

For most Downey  DUI arrest, the following are the requirements of your Downey  DUI case:

1. The Downey DUI criminal case out of one of the many California courts

2. DMV hearing held at the DMV Office of the Jurisdiction where your California DUI occurred.

California DUI cases only have 10 days from the day you were arrested to contact a CA DMV office to request a DMV hearing.  If you fail to contact the CA DMV within 10 days, it may result in a suspension of your California drivers license.