What are the consequences for my Third DUI Offense in California?

A 3rd DUI in the state of California is a very serious offense.  The statutory minimum jail time for a third DUI is 120 days however, there are some counties, like Orange County California, where the court will expect anywhere from 9 months to 365 days in county jail.

All hope however, is not lost.  With a highly experienced 3rd offense DUI lawyer to help defend your case, jail can be avoided, even for a 3rd DUI in Orange County, California.

In other counties such as Los Angeles for a 3rd DUI, an experienced 3rd LA DUI lawyer can negotiate  a book and release jail sentence along with a 30 month alcohol program.

For San Bernardino county, although the San Bernardino District Attorney’s office may want 240 days county jail for a 3rd San Bernardino DUI, a highly skilled 3rd DUI Lawyer in San Bernardino can usually negotiate house arrest in lieu of jail for most San Bernardino County Courts.

In Riverside, it is not unheard of the District Attorney’s office seeking 240 days jail for a 3rd DUI in Riverside.  However, residential treatment can be procured by an attorney who knows how to fight a 3rd DUI in Riverside County.

As you can see, the consequences for a third DUI in California very greatly from county to county and even sometimes, from courthouse to courthouse within the same county.  This is why all Attorney Simmons does is multiple offense DUIs.  She’s familiar with 3rd DUIs all across the state of California and is on call 24/7

Consequences for a Third DUI Offense in California

  •      *Required custody for 3rd DUI: 120 Days to 1 Year
  •      * Fines $2,500 +
  •      * License Suspension: 3 Years to 10 years
  •      * Ignition Interlock Required
  •      * 18 Month Multiple Offender Alcohol Program
  •      * 3-5 Years Probation, Formal or Informal
  •      * MADD Panel*
  •      * DUI Court*
  •      * Morgue Program*
  •      * Community Service*
  • *Depending on Jurisdiction