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Most Common Ways Your DUI Attorney Can Win Your DMV Hearing and Save Your Driver’s License

1. No or insufficient evidence that you were driving your vehicle.

2. The police officer lacked good cause to stop you for your Newport Beach DUI arrest.

3. You were not under the arrest at the time you refused the chemical test during your Newport Beach DUI arrest.

4. The chemical test was taken more than three hours after the last known time of driving during your Newport Beach DUI arrest.

5. There is no or insufficient evidence of the time of driving.

6. The arresting officer failed to give the chemical test in compliance with Title 17 during your Newport Beach DUI arrest.

7. The arresting officer is unfamiliar with the requirements of Title 17.

8. Your blood alcohol level was less than a .08% at the time of driving, for individuals over 21 years old and not on probation.

9. The blood lab results were not signed near or at the time of analysis.

10. The dates and times of the police report and the DS-367 contradict.

11. Multiple levels of hearsay in the police reports.

12. The breath machine was malfunctioning at the time the chemical test was taken during your Newport Beach DUI arrest.

13. Officer failed to properly admonish the refusal admonishment at the time of the refusal.

14. You did not understand that you were refusing due to physical injury or language difficulties.

15. The officer failed to repeatedly respond to the DMV subpoena during your Newport Beach DUI DMV hearing.