Felony DUI Orange County

Felony DUI Orange County

The Attorney Who Will Help You Deal with Felony DUI Orange County Charges

A felony DUI Orange County charge is serious and must be dealt with swiftly and correctly. You can do that by partnering with renowned DUI attorney Jonathan Reza.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Reza has been working to earn their clients’ fair trials for many years. The attorneys at the firm have cultivated a reputation for being the foremost legal experts when it comes to DUIs.

Should you ever find yourself faced with a felony DUI Orange County charge, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Law Offices of Jonathan Reza.

What You Need to Know about Felony DUI’s in California

For those who may not be aware, they can level a DUI or driving under the influence charge against you whenever the police catch you using any motorized vehicle.Most of the time, folks charged with DUI are driving cars, but you can still be caught in violation of this offense if you are using something like a moped.

You could potentially be hit with a felony DUI California charge if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is at 0.08 percent or higher. Know that the 0.08 threshold is not the one imposed for all situations, though.

Drivers can also find themselves facing a felony DUI Orange County charge if their BAC is at 0.04 percent. The 0.04 limit will be in effect if you are driving a commercial vehicle.

Crossing that 0.04 limit threshold is easy, so staying clear of any alcoholic drinks is a must if you are planning to drive any commercial vehicle within the next few hours.

Is a DUI a Felony in CA? The Factors That Will Affect Your Case

It’s important to note that not all DUI charges are going to be felonies. In many cases, you may end up hit with a misdemeanor instead of a felony DUI if your mistake was to get behind the wheel of your car in no condition to operate it properly.

So, when is a DUI a felony in CA?

The first instance in which they may charge you with a felony DUI Orange County is if you have violated this particular law three or more times within ten years. Keep in mind that any convictions in other states that would amount to DUI in California can also count against your total.

A felony DUI Orange County may also be coming your way if your recklessness while on the road leads to someone injured or dying.

If they arrest you for a DUI violation, and you have a felony DUI conviction on your record, they can charge you with another felony even if ten years have elapsed since the first occurrence.

What Are the Penalties if They Charge You with a Felony DUI?

The penalties vary greatly between a misdemeanor DUI charge and a felony DUI Orange County charge.

Your first misdemeanor DUI charge could lead to you spending up to six months in county jail, along with paying a $1,000 fine. They will likely suspend your license and put you on probation.

Those are stiff penalties for sure but know that a felony DUI conviction is even more punitive. You may be sentenced to up to three or more years in state prison while also having your license potentially suspended for a decade.

Talk to the Law Offices of Jonathan Reza Today and Fight Your Charges

DUI charges can ruin your life. If you want to protect yourself against the harsh penalties that accompany, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Reza as soon as possible by either calling 877-717-2889 or by going to their website.

You may have made a mistake, but it may not warrant a felony DUI Orange County charge, which is why you need to take action by hiring the right representation.

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