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Looking for a DUI Lawyer who is Gay Friendly?

The Aspen Law Group represent individuals accused of a DUI.  We Are Gay Friendly and are Happy To Represent Those who partake in an Alternative Lifestyle.  We understand the fears individuals of the gay community face concerning possible jail time and will fight endlessly for alternatives to County Jail.

In addition, for most misdmeanor DUI cases, your Gay Friendly DUI attorney can actually appear at court and at DMV on your behalf without you having to appear.  This will save you time, money, and frustration.

Southern California’s Top DUI Attorney

If you’re looking to beat your recent DUI charge you’ll need to hire the absolute best DUI Attorney possible to investigate the circumstances surrounding your recent DUI arrest, collect all items of evidence, prepare your DUI case for trial, and ultimately beat your DUI.  Besides being the best, we are “Gay Friendly” and are happy to represent anyone involved in an “Alternative Lifestyle,” including trans-gender DUI defendants.

Possible Consequences to Your DUI Arrest

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your recent DUI arrest, the DUI consequences and/or punishments can vary greatly.  This is a trick, this is the absolute truth.  To know the exact consequences you face, you will need to speak to a skilled & experienced DUI attorney who will assets the circumstances of your DUI.  However, general consequences include:

  •     * License Suspension up to 10 years
  •     * Jail or Prison
  •     * Fines of $2,500 +
  •     * Alcohol Program
  •     * Community Service
  •     * In Patient or out Patient Rehab
  •     * Higher Insurance Premiums
  •     * MADD Victim Impact Panel
  •     * Probation, Formal or Informal
  •     * Morgue Program
  •     * Victim’s Restitution
  •     * Self-Help Meetings
  •     * Electronic Monitoring including SCRAM
  •     * DUI Court
  •     * Criminal Conviction

With this much at stake, how does it make sense not to hire an experienced DUI attorney who is gay friendly ready and able to fight your DUI and protect your rights?

Were You Mistreated by the Police During Your Recent DUI Arrest?

You are not alone.  Southern California police departments, such as the LAPD are notorious for violating individuals rights, or acting inappropriately when it comes to all arrests, including arrests for DUIs.  The only way to put the police agencies in check is to fight against your DUI charge, collect all the evidence, and double check the police agencies work, and take advantage of their mistakes  to ensure all future arrests are done properly and constitutionally.

I Passed All My Field Sobriety Tests!

If you were recently arrested for a DUI, the arresting officer likely asked you to perform a series of field sobriety tests.  These tests are very tricky, and if they are not conducted properly the result of the tests are questionable at best.  But it can be a he said she said ordeal, absent the proper DUI evidence

Such  DUI evidence includes Patrol Videos which are a vital piece of evidence for a DUI defense because they often demonstrate your passing performance on the FSTs, the arresting officer’s failure to follow protocol as trained, as well as contradict the arrest officer’s contentions that you were visibly drunk and a hazard to California’s roads.

Your DUI Attorney should know exactly how to obtain such evidence and use it for your defense at both DMV and court.  Call 877-717-2889 to speak to a DUI attorney and learn more about which items of evidence are key to your DUI defese

Our Mission as a DUI Attorney is to Provide You with Superior Representation While Respecting You As an Individual.

We understand that it is common that individuals have negative experiences with previous attorneys when it comes to broken promises, un-returned phone calls and emails, and over-all failure of the attorney to do their job as paid for.

Our mission is to provide YOU with professional, attentive, and aggressive DUI representation by promptly returning phone calls, making time to meet with each and every client, being available after hours, and setting aside time to assure that every possible avenue of defense for your DUI is explored.

Call 877-717-2889 now and speak the experienced DUI attorney (not a secretary or phone operator) who will actually represent you in your DUI case.