DUI Court Jail Alternatives in California


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Jail Alternatives – DUI Court

In some counties, DUI Court is a  program available to Second DUI and Third DUI offenders who meet certain requirements and may drastically reduce or eliminate the  jail time you may be facing.

DUI Court is an involved court-supervised,  alcohol and drug rehabilitation program for multiple DUI Offenders.

What Does DUI Court Consist of?

The program differs from county to county but usually involves drug and/or alcohol testing, group therapy, self-help meetings, and regular court appearances to keep the court apprised of your progress.

Some DUI Court programs also have a probation officer who will visit you and search your house for forbidden items such as drugs and/or alcohol.

The programs length is determined on the circumstances of your DUI arrest but is no less than 12 months.

Am I eligible for DUI Court?

Eligibility is  usually restricted to second DUI or third DUI offenders who have no violent acts in their past including drug sales, and/or distribution.  Thus, if you have ever been arrested for and convicted of of Domestic Violence, Battery, Drug Trafficking or the like, you will be automatically ineligible for DUI Court.

In addition, there are some restrictions as to which county you live in.

Example of Typical DUI Court Rules

1. Do not use or possess any drugs and/or alcohol.

2. Attend ALL  sessions.

3. Do as your told by your probation officer.

4. Participate in Random alcohol and/or drug screening.

5. Be on time

6. Do not act in a violent manner or make threats

7. Dress appropriately for treatment therapy sessions and the court.

8. Remain seated and quiet at all times while in court.

9. You are prohibited from acting as a police informant.

10. Comply with all requirements of each step of the treatment program.

What if I fail the program?

Words from Attorney Reza

After acceptance into the program, a multiple DUI offender is
given a 2 week trial period to determine if the DUI Court program is a
proper fit for his or her

Following the introductory period, if you fail or get kicked out of
DUI Court, you will be required to go to jail.  Not House Arrest, Not
SCRAM, Not Pay-to-Stay Work Furlough program:   Jail.   County Jail.

DUI Court is the “deal with the devil.”  In some respects, DUI Court
is a fantastic alternative to jail, giving the Multiple DUI
offender the ability to address his or her drinking problem.

But for the working individual or for a person maintaining a
family, DUI Court requirements can be overwhelming, intrusive, and can
stretch out over the course of years.

To know whether DUI Court is a good choice for you, speak to an
experienced Multiple DUI attorney about possible alternatives
before committing to a program you may not be able to finish.

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