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DUI Jail Alternatives – Residential Treatment

There are two different types of treatment programs.  There’s residential treatment and there is sober living houses.  Speak to an DUI lawyer who focuses on multiple offense DUIs to learn which is right for your case.

Sober Living

Sober Living facilities are are residential houses with house rules that allow you to work.  They are the cheaper alternative but not all courts respect sober living facilities enough to appease certain judges and/or DAs.  Speak to a DUI lawyer to see if this type of program will be enough for your case.

To find a sober living facility near you, please see Sober Living Houses

Court Approved Residential Treatment Programs

Court approved treatment programs are extensive inpatient treatment programs that may be used as an alternative to jail on a 2nd DUI, 3rd DUI, or 4th DUI offense.  Here, treatment for drug use and or alcoholism is the key.  Some are “lockdown” centers that do not allow you to work while others all you to attend work.  Please click on the following counties for court approved programs in that county.

Orange County Court Approved Residential Programs

San Bernardino Court Approved Residential Programs

Los Angeles Court Approved Residential Programs

Riverside Court Approved Residential Programs

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