DUI Jail Alternatives: SCRAM Information


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Possible Jail Alternatives for your 2nd DUI or 3rd DUI


S.C.R.A.M. is short  for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring.

The device itself is a ankle bracelet that tests your skin for
alcohol to determine if you are consuming alcohol.  Thereby you are not allowed to drink while wearing this device.

The device continuous screens your skin for alcohol and the results are uploaded through your phone system daily.

In other words, while you’re wearing the bracelet, you can not consume alcohol or else your drinking will be detected.

How will SCRAM help my Second, Third, or Fourth DUI case?

Unlike Jail, the judge may view your voluntary participation in the SCRAM program as combating your drinking problem and may later order you to serve time on your SCRAM bracelet.  This may be in lieu of actual jail time.

Regardless of whether or not you may have a drinking problem or just
have “bad luck” getting caught for your second DUI, third DUI, or even fourth DUI offense,  completing SCRAM may reduce or eliminate how much jail time you receive due to your recent DUI arrest

How Long Will I have to Wear this SCRAM device?

The amount of time you may have to spend on the SCRAM device depend on the circumstances of your DUI arrest along with whether this is your 2nd, Third, or Fourth DUI arrest.

How Much does SCRAM Cost?

If you consider the expense of spending 30 + days in jail, SCRAM is an inexpensive alternative to Jail time.  There is  a
fitting fee and a rental rate the device itself.  For more
information, speak to an experienced DUI lawyer about what options maybe available for you.

Does the SCRAM device give false readings?

The SCRAM device tests for  alcohol.  Thereby if you
are working with chemicals that contain alcohol, SCRAM may give a false positive for alcohol.

However, the alcohol used in cleaners and even skin products has a
very potent for of alcohol that evaporates quickly which shows as a high
spike of alcohol on the SCRAM device followed by the quick burn off.

The companies monitoring the device know that this is not the
typical reading for alcohol that you would consume. Still, it is
best to avoid all products containing alcohol.