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Possible Jail Alternatives: Work Furlough also Known As Pay-To-Stay-Jail Alternative

Work Furlough programs are court ordered community service type work programs where a person is required to complete unpaid work for the county or state for a period of time.

The Pay to Stay programs consist of physical duties such as cleaning up the city, roads, graffiti, and other tasks involving physical labor.

Work Furlough programs as applied to a standard DUI sentence is more like Pay-To-Stay Jail programs than they are to traditional community service programs.

For your multiple DUI conviction, work release allows you to serve your possible jail sentence in a private city jail, removed from other violent offenders that a person may encounter in a county jail.

The City Jails are much cleaner and safer than the county jail.  In addition, many of the jail facilities are more like a hotel room than a jail cell.  Prior to your conviction, you’ll be able to research the different facilities to determine which pay to stay facility is the best for your needs.

If approved by your court,  offender is allowed to leave the city jail to go to work at his or her existing job while
serving their jail time while sleeping in the private city jail.

This keeps a multiple DUI offender employed at his or her job while servicing their sentence in jail.

You Must Apply and Be Approved for the Program.  Requirements include:


Generally speaking, a multiple DUI offender cannot have any convictions of violence on their criminal record, no matter how long ago the conviction occurred.

As previously stated, once admitted to the city jail, a multiple DUI offender is housed with individuals with a violent crime free record.  Such offenders include individuals were also arrested for a DUI.

Individuals arrested for or convicted of such crimes as Domestic Violence, Battery, Rape, Robbery, and other violent crimes are usually not eligible for the Pay to Stay City Jail programs.

If you have had a prior conviction of a violent offense, an review process may render you eligible for the Pay to Stay Program.


Unlike County jail, the local PAY TO STAY programs are not set up with medical ability to care for Multiple  DUI offenders with medical problems.  Letting the Pay to Stay program know of your  medical issues and/or
the need to take medication while staying at the City Jail programs may render you ineligible for this alternative to jail.

Availability of Work Release Programs

In many counties work release is a very popular alternative to jail.  Many of the city jail’s availability for beds are taken and the application process can take several months depending on your sentence and the circumstances regarding any prior arrests you may have.

To learn more about your eligibility for such programs, contact an experienced  DUI attorney at 877-717-2889.