Second DUI Fines in California, Cost


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How Much Are the Fines for a 2nd DUI?

The court fines for a second DUI in California range between $1800 to $2300, however, the court fines for the 2nd DUI in California are not the only costs associated with a second DUI offense.  The following are additional approximate costs and fees.  Fees are as of 12/20011.

  • $1700 for 18 month Alcohol School
  • $400 policy agency booking fee
  • $500 for Ignition interlock Device installation. (IID)
  • $100 per month for (IID)
  • $450 Miscellaneous DMV fees
  • 3-5 years of SR-22 Insurance (Thousands of Dollars).
  • $40 MADD impact panel

In addition to the above referenced standard fees, there are fees for alternative sentencing.  The following is the approximate costs for alternative sentencing.

  • $500 per month for SCRAM
  • $20 per day for House Arrest
  • $100 per day for Work Furlough Program
  • $2000 or more for DUI Court or other Court Alcohol Treatment
  • $750-4500 per month for Sober Living Programs.
  • $2,500 + for impatient rehabilitation programs.

As you can see, a 2nd DUI, 4rd DUI, or Felony DUI is a very expensive ordeal and you will need an experienced second DUI attorney to help limit the costs associated with your new DUI arrest.

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