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Were You Recently Arrested for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Offense DUI in Huntington Beach?

If so, you’ve found the right Huntington Beach DUI attorney to fight your case because we are California’s only law firm that specifically focuses on multiple offense DUIs. Regardless if this is your 2nd DUI in Huntington, 3rd DUI, or 4th DUI, we know exactly what you need to do to fight your case and keep you out of jail

2nd DUI in Huntington Beach

If you were recently arrested for a second offense DUI, you need to speak to a qualified and competent Huntington Beach Second DUI Lawyer immediately in order to ensure you stay out of jail.

This is not a joke, this is not a threat, this is reality. If you go into Orange County Superior Court on a 2nd offense DUI, the court and the Orange County District Attorney’s office will seek to incarcerate you for 30-120 days on a standard misdemeanor 2nd offense DUI.

In order to stay out of jail for your second DUI in Huntington, you will have to hire an attorney to prep your case and aggressively negotiate alterative sentencing on your behalf. If you don’t, you will certainly face a county jail sentence without house arrest or community service.

2nd DUI Consequences in HB

For a second offense DUI in Huntington Beach, the consequences are as follows:

  • Up to $30k Bail at Arraignment
  • 60-120 Day County Jail
  • 18 month, SB 38 alcohol program
  • MADD Victim Impact Class
  • WYDD Morgue Program
  • $1,900-2,300 Fines
  • Possible Community Service
  • Possible SCRAM
  • Possible Mandatory AA Meetings

3rd DUI in Huntington Beach

If this is your third DUI arrest, you need to hire us immediately because the OCDA’s office will ask for 280 to 365 days of county jail for your case. Again, this isn’t meant to scare you into hiring an attorney, but rather, explaining the Orange County District Attorney’s office stance on third DUIs. It is the OCDA policy not to offer anything lower than 280 days county jail on a third offense.

To make matters worse, it’s the Orange County Superior Court’s policy to ask for a minimum of 30k dollars in bail for every third offense DUI. If you can’t post bail, you will go to jail at your arraignment.

There is no early release for third DUIs in Huntington Beach. You get good-time-work-time credits, but it’s not like LA county where the average defendant does 10% of their time. In Orange County, you do 100% of your time minus good time work time.

That said, with aggressive case prep, alternatives to jail on your third DUI may be available for your case. Speak to an attorney immediately.

Consequences for a Huntington Beach 3rd Offense DUI

  • Up to $6k Bail at Arraignment
  • 280-1 Year County Jail
  • 18 month, SB 38 alcohol program
  • MADD Victim Impact Class
  • WYDD Morgue Program
  • $1,900-2,300 Fines
  • Possible Community Service
  • Mandatory AA Meetings
  • Residential Treatment Program

How To Save My License on 3rd DUI in Huntington Beach?

License suspension for a third offense DUI in Huntington Beach are up to 10 years, however, the Orange Driver Safety Office frequently remands third offense DUIs for physical and mental DMV suspensions which often result in lifetime suspension until the DMV issue is resolved.

With that, it is imperative that you have Orange County’s only multiple offense DUI attorney prepping your case and fighting by your side. You have 10 days from the day you were arrested to have your Huntington Beach DUI lawyer contact DMV to resolve your DMV issues or else your license will be suspended. Call now for more information and a free and informative consultation.

With Huntington Beach DUI consequences this severe, you’ll need the absolutely best qualified DUI attorney in Orange County to fight your case. Call for more information immediately.

4th DUI in Huntington Beach, California

If you were recently arrested for a 4th DUI in Huntington Beach, and this arrest has been the 4th DUI arrest in 10 years, you will be charged with a felony.

The consequences and process for a 4th offense felony DUI in Huntington is very different than your experience with your misdemeanor DUI charges.

4th Offense DUI Process in Huntington Beach, California

When arrested for a felony, the first thing you have to be aware of is the fact the court will try to take you into custody at arraignment. In order to avoid this, you will have to post bail for your case.. For a felony DUI in Huntington, the minimum bail amount is $100 thousand dollars. If you can’t post bail at arraignment, you will be taken into custody at arraignment.

Consequences for a 4th DUI in Huntington Beach

  • 16 Months to 3 Years State Prison
  • 5 Years Formal Probation
  • 18 month, SB 38 alcohol program
  • MADD Victim Impact Class
  • WYDD Morgue Program
  • $2,500-10,000 Fines
  • Mandatory AA Meetings
  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Up to 10 Year Suspension of Drivers License

For any 4th offense DUI in Orange County, California, the Orange County District Attorney’s office will usually seek a term of 2 years, or mid term for your average 4th offense felony DUI. If you have prior felony DUI convictions, are on probation, or any other arrests, you can expect the DA’s office to see the high term of 3 years state prison.

In order to stay out of state prison, your attorney will have to properly prep your 4th offense DUI case and negotiate directly with the judge in order for the court to grant probation rather than the prison term. If probation is granted, you’ll be looking up to 365 days in county jail with a minimum of custody sentence of 180 days in the county jail or jail alternative.

4th Offense DUIs is a very very serious crime. You’ll need to hire an attorney who is successful with negotiating such cases. The fact of the matter is, most attorneys rarely, if never handle 4th offenses. This is why our attorneys choose to focus on multiple offense DUIs, so that way you can be sure the attorney who is handling your case is actually experienced in handling 4th offense both in Orange County and around the state of California.

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