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If you were recently arrested in Los Angeles, California for your second DUI (or more) offense, please call 213-293-3790 immediately and speak directly with our Los Angeles DUI lawyer (no strings attached) about the possible consequences, including jail time that you face because of your 2nd DUI offense. You must act quickly because regardless of who is your attorney they only have 10 days from the day you were arrested to contact the DMV and begin the process of fighting the suspension of your drivers license.

Recent Case Results:

06/06/16 – People vs. Evelyn C.

Case Facts:  2nd DUI in Los Angeles Superior Court.  Client had a blood alcohol level over a .17 with a suspended licensed and faced considerable jail time.

Case Result:  All Charges DISMISSED VIA MOTION.  Day of motion, DA said it was a joke – meritless.  We still ran the motion and won. Subsequently, All charges were dismissed. No jail. No Probation. No fines – outright dismissal.

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2nd DUI in Consequences in Los Angeles, California

Most aren’t aware of this detail, but depending what court house your case is out of in Los Angeles, California, the consequences and possible alternatives to jail will vary greatly. For example, in some of the court rooms of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Metropolitan, located at 1945 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007, you will be able to substitute your jail sentence for Cal Trans community service. While other jurisdictions, such as the court house located in Bellflower, California, Cal Trans will not be allowed as a viable alternative to jail.

Typical Second DUI Offenders Face:

  • 96 hours up to 365 Days County Jail
  • 18 Month Alcohol Program
  • 4-5 Years Informal Probation
  • Fines upto $2,600
  • MADD Impact Panel or HAMM Program
  • Possible Community Service
  • Possible Rehab Program
  • 1-2 Year License Suspension

Only an experienced and up-to-date 2nd DUI attorney dedicated to multiple offense DUIs in California will know how to prep your case for the most favorable jail alternative, given the court room your case is in. Call 213-293-3790 to speak directly with a Los Angeles multiple DUI lawyer who has successfully represented thousands of 2nd and 3rd offense DUI cases in the county of Los Angeles. All Los Angeles Second DUI consultations are free and highly informative.

Alternatives to Jail for a 2nd DUI in Los Angeles

First, you must understand that county jail is the default offer for every second offense DUI in Los Angeles County. If you seek an alternative to jail, your attorney will have to aggressively negotiate on your behalf for your case to be eligible. At times, even a rigorous negotiation isn’t enough. As a second DUI defendant, you will likely have to prove to the judge that you deserve a second chance at staying out of jail, by having you do AA or begin programs prior to showing up to court. The bottom line is, time is limited and you must act now to put your case in the best possible position for alternative sentencing if your defense attorney can’t get the case dismissed. Call 213-293-3790 for more information. Los Angeles 2nd DUI Attorneys are on Call 24/7 to answer your questions about what alternatives you may be eligible for and how to get those alternatives for your 2nd DUI case.

There are a wide variety of alternatives to jail for a 2nd offense DUI in Los Angeles, California. These alternative vary from court to court. For example, you may be eligible for house arrested for a 2nd Offense in Long Beach, while the City Attorney’s office prefers SCRAM as an alternative to jail out of Metro court. Some court houses like West Covina and Pomona will not normally consider house arrest in lieu of jail for a second offense DUI.

Possible Jail Alternatives for a 2nd DUI in LA Include:

  • City Jail / Work Furlough
  • Cal-Trans
  • House Arrest
  • Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Sober Living
  • Community Service

Los Angeles 2nd DUI Process In A Nutshell

For every DUI offender arrested in Los Angeles County, you face at least a two part process: DMV and Court. For some offenders who are still on probation for their prior DUI, you will face a three part process: court for your new DUI, court for your probation violation, and your DMV hearing. Being on probation while getting a 2nd DUI means you face a minimum 1 year suspension of your drivers license and that is why it is imperative to contact hire a 2nd DUI lawyer immediately to save your drivers license.

On average, a 2nd offense DUI in Los Angeles takes four to six months to represent. With an 2nd DUI attorney who actually fights your case, there are typically multiple court appearances and multiple DMV hearings for your case.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Jonathan Reza to Represent You In Your Second DUI Offense?

Multiple offense DUIS & DMV hearings are what our law firm is dedicated in fighting. There is no other law firm in the State of California devoted solely to representing such serious DUI charges as 2nd DUIs. So much so, other criminal attorneys from other law firms seek our advice on how to handle multiple offense DUIS both in Los Angeles County Courts & DMV. We have a direct plan of attack to fight your 2nd DUI in any of court located in Los Angeles County. We know the local rules, local judges and the local DA & Los Angeles City Attorneys.

We don’t just plead our cases. We fight every DUI “tooth and nail” in order to obtain the best possible outcome for your DUI offense. We have a directed “common sense” plan of attacking your 2nd DUI case beginning the day you hire us, not merely your first court date like other attories offices.. Call us at 213 293-3790 and see the difference for yourself.