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Have you been arrested in Newport Beach for a DUI and are thinking about hiring a local Newport Beach DUI Lawyer or Newport Beach DUI Attorney to fight your Newport Beach DUI arrest?

You have found the right Newport Beach DUI Attorney. Located directly across from the Harbor Justice Center, our practice is 100% DUI and DMV defense.

If you have been arrested in Newport Beach for a DUI, you likely feel the embarrassment, frustration, and fear that accompanies a Newport Beach DUI charge. We are highly experienced Newport Beach DUI lawyers ready to help explain the entire court and DMV process so you can understand what you are facing for both court and DMV.

Newport Beach Specific Information:

Free in depth explanation of the

Newport Beach

DUI & DMV Process

Call now and speak to an local Newport Beach DUI Attorney who will give you helpful information about your Newport Beach DUI and DMV process free of charge.

When arrested for a DUI in Newport Beach, you could be facing jail time, driver license suspension, and other consequences to family and career. You will need an experienced Newport Beach DUI attorney to explain the process in simple terms and handle your Newport Beach DUI case.

No matter if this is your 1st DUI, 2nd DUI, 3rd, or Fourth DUI arrest, we know exactly what can be done to keep you out of jail and behind the wheel.

You have 10 days for your Newport Beach DUI Attorney to Contact DMV

After a Newport DUI arrest, your Newport Beach DUI attorney has 10 days to contact DMV to fight the possible DMV suspension of your license.

Fortunately, you do not have fight your Newport Beach DUI alone. The Aspen Law Group is comprised of a select group of discrete and highly experienced Newport Beach DUI and DMV defense lawyers, ready to fight aggressively and professionally to protect your reputation as well as your right to drive.

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Visit our beautiful office located directly across from the Harbor Justice Center at 5000 Birch Street, Suite 3000, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Call today for a face-to-face consultation. The initial consultation with an experienced Newport Beach DUI lawyer is absolutely free.

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Aggressive and Attentive Representation for

Newport Beach DUIs.

Your Newport DUI Attorney needs to be highly versed in all areas of Newport Beach DUI law including felony and misdemeanor Newport Beach DUI charges, Enhancements of Speed, Hit & Run, Child Endangerment charges in relation to DUI arrests, and the complicated DMV issues that accompany such Newport Beach DUI charges and Commercial Driver License issues . 100% of our practice is dedicated to automotive related legal issues such as DUI and Suspended License defense.

We Focus on Multiple Offense DUI Cases, Such As 2nd DUIs and 3rd DUI Cases.

If this is your second DUI arrest within the last 10 years, you’ve got twice as much as stake.  Not only are you looking at a possible 1 year loss of your drivers license, you are looking at possible jail time.

If you are still on probation while you obtained an additional DUI, you are in violation of the terms of your probation, and could seek additional jail time for the probation violation, which means your not only looking at the possible jail time as a result of your new DUI arrest, you’ll have to face the judge on your prior DUI for the probation violation as well.

Unlike some first DUI offenses, for a second DUI and third DUI case, the difference between having a DUI attorney represent you in court will make a drastic difference in the consequences of your DUI case.

If you have had 2 prior DUI convictions within the past 10 years and this is your 3rd DUI arrest, the statutory minimum jail time is 120 days.  In additional to the jail time, the court could deem you a habitual DUI offender and subsequently suspend your drivers license to up to 10 years.

Thereby the consequences of a third DUI offense are SEVERE, but you must KNOW THIS, 120 days spent in actual jail and the 10 years suspension of your drivers license, can be avoided with an experienced DUI attorney who is dedicated to keep you out of jail and behind the wheel.

You Have 10 Days To Contact DMV to Fight your Newport Beach DUI Driver License Suspension

Call us today and we will contact DMV for you, allowing you to drive pending the outcome of your Newport Beach DUI DMV hearing.

With the right Newport Beach DUI Attorney, a favorable DMV Hearing Officer, and a well prepared argument based on the facts of your Newport Beach DUI arrest, your DMV hearing can be Won!

Ready To Meet you at our Newport Beach Location after-hours and on weekends.

We understand that most individuals arrested in Newport Beach for a DUI are working professionals with demanding careers.  In order to make the Newport Beach DUI arrest as painless as possible, we are ready to meet you after hours, on weekends, at your convenience.  Call now and speak to an experienced Newport DUI attorney, not a secretary or office staff, who will handle your DUI from start to finish.

What Your Newport DUI attorney should know about

Newport Beach DUI arrests.

First, for any one arrested by the Newport Police Department for DUI and is looking for a Newport Beach DUI attorney, your attorney should know that the patrol vehicles driven by the Newport Beach Police have patrol video and audio.

Likewise, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department also equip their vehicles with patrol video that in most Newport Beach DUI arrests, capture the video of the DUI stop, the Field Sobriety Tests, and most of the Audio of the Newport Beach DUI investigation.

These items of evidence are essential to your Newport Beach DUI defense and only an experienced Newport Beach DUI attorney know how to obtain these items of evidence.

A Review of The Aspen Law Group

I got lucky when I found Julia. After talking with her for less than a minute I knew I had found the right attorney. I could tell she knew what she was talking about. Multiple DUI’s are not cookie cutter like your first one. You need an attorney with judicial and system knowledge that knows how to maneuver within the system and get you your best possible outcome.
5 / 5