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The Law Offices of Jonathan Reza is Orange County’s ONLY DUI attorney who specifically focus their entire law practice on multiple offense DUIs. Located in the heart of Orange County, California, our DUI lawyers are prepared to establish a viable defense, explain the consequences associated with your 2nd+ Orange County DUI offense along with the alternatives to jail for your second+ offense. For more information, call877-717-2889

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Our office is located in the heart of Orange County, California

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Consequences of a 2nd DUI in Orange County, California

For individuals recently arrested for a misdemeanor second DUI in Orange County, California, your are facing the following jail sentence:

  • 60-180 Days County Jail,
  • 18 month Alcohol Program,
  • Court Fines and Fees of Approximately $1,900,
  • MADD Victim Witness Impact Panel,
  • 5 years Probation, either Formal or Informal
  • HAMM Morgue program,
  • DNA Sample,
  • Community Service,
  • Possible SCRAM and/or Alcohol Rehabilitation Program.

Drivers License Consequences for 2 or more DUIs in Orange County, California

In order to protect your right to drive, have a qualified DUI lawyer contact DMV within the first ten days of your arrest. As a second (or more) DUI offender, the Orange Driver Safety office is considering suspending your license for a longer period as of late.

Jail Time for a 2nd DUI in Orange County California

The average jail time for a second DUI in Orange County is anywhere between 60-120 days county jail, however, with the help of an attorney who regularly practices 2nd DUIs out of the Orange County courts, you may be able to negotiate alternative sentencing to county jail. For more information, call 877-717-2889.

Alternatives to Jail for a 2nd DUI in Orange County California

Alternatives to jail are not automatically given for defendant’s arrested for a second DUI offense in Orange County. In fact, the Orange County District Attorney’s office will adamantly refuse to grant you any alternative to jail on your second DUI case. Your case will have to be properly prepared prior to going to court. Such preparation includes enrolling in to your multiple offense DUI course, doing AA meetings, and sometimes, participating in SCRAM or some other alcohol awareness program.

Jail Alternatives in OC include:

  • House Arrest / Electronic Monitoring
  • City Jail / Work Furlough Programs
  • DUI Court (For Only Orange County Residents Only).
  • Cal Trans Program

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