Have You Been Accused of Assault and Battery Under PC 243?

Have You Been Accused of Assault and Battery Under PC 243?

Assault and battery as codified in PC 243 is a serious offense. PC 243 states that assault and battery can be punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 and a county jail sentence of up to six months. PC 243 further states that if battery is committed against a peace officer and others, you can receive a $2,000 fine and up to a year in county jail.

Clearly, getting convicted on 243 PC is one of the worst things that can happen to you. That is why if you have been accused of assault and battery under 243 PC in California, you need to contact SeriousDUIS.com at 877-717-2889. Attorney Jonathan Reza is one of the top-rated criminal defense attorneys in California. Give him a call immediately if you are facing a serious criminal charge such as assault and battery.

What Am I Looking At With a 243 PCCase?

All assault and battery charges are serious matters in California courts. But a good assault and battery attorney such as Jonathan Reza can fight the charges aggressively in all situations. In this state, there are two battery charges and two assault charges:

  • Simple battery
  • Aggravated battery
  • Simple assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon

If you are charged with assault and battery, the exact charge you will face depends on the weapon and if there was one. Also important are the injuries and whether the alleged victim was a peace officer, firefighter, or member of another protected category. If you have been charged under PC 243, you need to call a good criminal defense attorney right away because the California prosecutor will work tirelessly to convict you!

What About 273.5(a) PC?

273.5(a) PC involves crimes against people involving sexual assault and crimes against public decency and good morals.

For example, if you are convicted under this statute of abandoning and neglecting children, you are guilty of a felony and can be punished in state prison with a two, three, or four-year sentence. Or you can be sentenced to a year in county jail, and/or a fine up to $6,000.

Note that under 273.5(a) PC, you can receive maximum punishment under California law if the victim was the offender’s spouse or former spouse; offender’s cohabitant or former cohabitant; offender’s fiancé or fiancée; or the mother or father of the offender’s child.

If You Are In Trouble for Assault and Battery or Abandonment or Neglect of Children, Contact Us Now!

If you have been charged with either of these crimes, you need to have attorney Jonathan Reza in your corner right away. He will work tirelessly to construct the best defense for you.

Depending on case circumstances, he may say that the accusation against you was made up and the crime did not happen. Or, another party is guilty, or you were misidentified, or the alleged assault and battery was self-defense.

For crimes involving PC 243 and other serious criminal offenses, call attorney Jonathan Reza today at 877-717-2889.

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