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If you were recently arrested for a second offense (or more) DUI in Riverside, California, you will need to hire the best attorney you can find to fight your case because in Riverside specifically, you are facing anywhere from 45 days to 120 days county jail for your second DUI arrest.

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Consequences for a 2nd DUI in Riverside County

The consequences for a second offense DUI in Riverside County vary from court to court. For example, for the Riverside county court house in Indio, you 2nd offense DUI case may be eligible for SCRAM, an anklet that tests your skin for alcohol, in lieu of jail where in the Riverside County court located in Banning, California, SCRAM is not a viable alternative sentencing method for second offense DUIs. This is why it is imperative that you hire a DUI lawyer who is familiar with the Riverside County system as specifically focuses on multiple offense DUIS.

The general consequences for a second offense DUI in Riverside are:

  • 30-120 days county jail
  • Excess of $2500 in court fines and fees
  • 18 month alcohol education program
  • Up to a 2 year suspension of your drivers license
  • 4-5 years informal program
  • MADD Panel
  • Rehab and possible community service
  • Mandatory Jail Costs
  • Life Long Disqualification of your commercial drivers license

With consequences so severe, you’ll need the absolute best representation specifically focused on multiple offense DUI cases in Riverside. You need the attorneys at Aspen Law Group to fight your case. Our Riverside Case Results speak for themselves. Call 951-277-9049 for a highly informative free consultation with a Riverside 2nd DUI attorney.

You Have 10 Days for Your Attorney To Contact DMV

You have ten days from the date of your arrest to hire an attorney to contact DMV on your behalf. Once DMV is contacted, the DMV date will be set with a hearing officer. Most DUI lawyers prefer to have one hearing officer over another because they are not all created equal. Having your attorney set the date will ensure you have the best possible outcome for your 2nd DUI case. Call 951-277-9049 for more information.

For all Riverside County DUI cases, your DMV hearing will be held in the San Bernardino Driver Safety Office, one of the largest DMV driver safety offices in the state. Here, they hold administrative DMV hearings, which is like a small DUI trial without a jury.

Your attorney will be able to produce evidence on your behalf and question the police officer who arrested you, however, time is of the essence and your attorney will need to execute the proper subpoenas in a timely matter in order to ensure your defense. Call (951) 900-3200 for more information on your 2nd DUI in Riverside, California.

Alternatives to Jail in Riverside County For A Second Offense DUI

Work furlough and house arrest are viable alternatives to jail for a 2nd DUI in Riverside, however, you are not automatically guaranteed such alternative sentencing for your case. Your attorney will have to prep your case to prove to the court that you deserve such alternatives to county jail. Call (951) 900-3200 for more information.

A Review of The Aspen Law Group

Julia helped me so much with a 2nd DUI. She has carved out such a niche for herself by REALLY knowing what to expect with the Court, the DMV and anything else that could possibly come up. She doesn’t just guess at stuff and hope she is right as I’ve seen with other attorneys, she is sure of the answers she provides. She is extremely knowledgeable and straight to the point. She quickly corrected a mistake which would have cost me several thousand dollars and a LOT of time. She caught it on our first conversation VIA telephone after I had spoken with two seperate attorney’s who never even paused on the mistake. She truly knows her stuff and I would recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortuanate situation of a second DUI.
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