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Arrested in Vista California for a DUI?

If you were recently cited for a DUI in Vista, California and are looking for an experienced Vista DUI Lawyer to take on your Vista DUI case, no matter if it is your First DUI, Second DUI, Third DUI, or a Felony DUI, we are here to answer your questions and help you though the Vista DUI process.

We Fight For Our Vista DUI Clients!

If you were recently cited for a DUI in Vista, California, you must know that your DUI case has at least two parts; the DMV hearing and the San Diego Criminal Court case out of the San Diego Superior Court, Vista Judicial District.

The Vista, California DMV Process: You have ten days from the date you were cited for your Vista DUI Lawyer to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to request a DMV hearing and save your right to drive. Failure to contact DMV within ten days of your Vista DUI citation will result in a suspension of your to drive within the state of California, however, if your Vista DUI Lawyer contacts DMV within ten days of the DUI citation, your drivers license will be good pending the results of the DMV hearing.

More than just saving your drivers license from suspension as a result of your Vista DUI arrest, your Vista DUI attorney will utilize the DMV hearing to get any and all Vista DUI arrest evidence to aggressively defend your case.

For example, patrol video of the stop, arrest, and field sobriety tests will be available for subpoena to your Vista DMV hearing. In addition, breath records, maintainable logs, and blood alcohol results are also recoverable via subpoena through the DMV process.

Thereby, the DMV process is an essential component to fighting your Vista DUI at both the DMV and the San Diego Superior Court level because the evidence subpoenaed and information gained at DMV can and will be used to your advantage at the San Diego Superior Court. Call 877-717-2889 for an in depth explanation by an experienced Vista DUI Attorney of the Vista DUI DMV process and how it will help your defense at the San Diego Superior Court.

Finally, a Honest Vista DUI Attorney!

Are you tired of DUI Attorneys promising you everything under the sun and want a honest Vista DUI Attorney to tell you the truth about the real consequences of your Vista DUI arrest?

I completely understand. My name is Attorney Julia Simmons and I have been working in the California DUI defense industry for over 10 years. By law, I can’t promise the ultimate out come of any legal proceeding much less your Vista DUI, but what I can promise is to give you a honest assessment of your recent San Diego DUI arrest without any gimmicks, tricks, or financial commitment.

If you’re looking at possible jail time for your Vista arrest, I’ll tell you what your possible jail time exposure is. If you’re not looking at jail time, I’ll tell you, regardless of whether you hire a Vista DUI attorney or not, you won’t be facing jail time. It is that simple. Call now for a obligation free consultation with an experienced Vista DUI attorney, ready to explain the consequences of your recent Vista DUI arrest. Initial consultations with your Vista DUI attorney are always free & informative.

We Focus on Multiple Offense DUI Cases, Such As 2nd DUIs and 3rd DUI Cases.

If this is your second DUI arrest within the last 10 years, you’ve got twice as much as stake. Not only are you looking at a possible 1 year loss of your drivers license, you are looking at possible jail time.

If you are still on probation while you obtained an additional DUI, you are in violation of the terms of your probation, and could seek additional jail time for the probation violation, which means your not only looking at the possible jail time as a result of your new DUI arrest, you’ll have to face the judge on your prior DUI for the probation violation as well.

Unlike some first DUI offenses, for a second DUI and third DUI case, the difference between having a DUI attorney represent you in court will make a drastic difference in the consequences of your DUI case.

If you have had 2 prior DUI convictions within the past 10 years and this is your 3rd DUI arrest, the statutory minimum jail time is 120 days. In additional to the jail time, you court could deem you a habitual DUI offender and subsequently suspend your drivers license to up to 10 years.

Thereby the consequences of a third DUI offense are SEVERE, but you must KNOW THIS, 120 days spent in actual jail and the 10 years suspension of your drivers license, can be avoided with an experienced DUI attorney who is dedicated to keep you out of jail and behind the wheel.

Military Discounts Available

If you are currently a member of the armed forces and were recently arrested for a DUI in or around Vista, California or in the county of San Diego, we are knowledgeable about the double punishment you are facing due to your current military status and understand that your wages may be immediately reduced as a result of your recent Vista DUI Arrest  We offer a Member Service Discount for Active Military Members in an effort to help you to navigate through the Vista, California DUI & DMV process.

Active Duty Military Arrested for a Vista, California DUI Face Additional Military Punishments

Service members will experience a particular set of legal problems as a consequence of your recent DUI arrest in Vista, California.  On-base punishment and/or restrictions, loss of rank and/or security clearance, negative mark on your military record are only the beginning of your problems.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your recent Vista DUI citation, you could be facing dishonorable discharge from your military duties, all of which may occur before your first court date in the San Diego Superior Court, Vista Judicial District.

With the severity of the punishments you face due to your recent Vista  DUI arrest, you’ll need a Vista  DUI Lawyer comfortable dealing with the military aspects of your DUI arrest in Vista, California.

With years of experienced helping members of the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, National Guard, and Coast Guard charged with DUI in Vista, California, we are familiar and comfortable with DUI military procedure and will work with your C/O to minimize the impact of your recent Vista DUI Citation for both your military and private life.

Hiring a Vista, California DUI Lawyer Will Allow you To Complete your Tour of Active Duty Overseas while Your Vista DUI Lawyer Appears On Your Behalf in the San Diego Superior Court, Vista Judicial District

If you hire a Vista DUI Lawyer, that attorney can appear both in the San Diego Superior Court & DMV without you having to be present.  This means that if you are scheduled to tour overseas, with the permission of the military, you will be able to complete your service abroad while your Vista Court case is still pending.

If your not leaving overseas, hiring a Vista DUI Lawyer will allow you to minimize the amount of time away from your post by having a Vista DUI Lawyer appear for you at both the San Diego Superior Court, Vista Judicial District and DMV hearings.

Were You Currently on Active Duty and Driving on a  Out-Of-State Drivers Licenses When You Were Cited for Your Vista DUI?

If you were recently stopped for a Vista DUI, it is important to understand the consequences of your recent Vista DUI arrest to both your right to driving within California as well as the consequences of your Vista DUI on your out-of-state drivers license.

Your Vista DUI Lawyer must contact DMV within 10 days of your recent DUI arrest in Vista to fight the Vista DUI suspension of your right to drive in California as well as the possible drivers license suspension of your out-of-state drivers license.

For more information about how to fix the consequences of your recent Vista, California DUI citation,  for your drivers license, call 877-717-2889 to speak to an experienced Vista  DUI Lawyer.  DUI initial consultations are always free and informative.